Brand Ambassadors

Brand AmbassadorS

Katrina Carroll

Award winning home design, DIY and interiors, Katrina Carroll is also a vintage shop owner and a ‘Home of the Year’ contestant. Katrina’s is a social media content creator who mixes period styles with colour and vintage DIY styles.
Holly Carpenter

Aisling Fox

Aisling Fox is a Nutritional Therapist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner. She runs a female health clinic and also has a podcast called ‘Spilling The Tea with Aok Nutrition’ where she discusses all women’s health topics.
Niamh O’Sullivan

Dan Prymal Podcast

Dan has a long career in lab science and the medical field. He now owns a podcast studio where he hosts his own podcast, speaking on topics from values, trauma, super powers and success.

Holly Carpenter

Holly is a Model, content creator, podcaster and animal advocate. Holly creates content on all things fashion, make up, events and home interiors.