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Loving it.

  • We got an EWT Gold 606 Softener and Drinking Water filter installed during the summer. We decided to review our installation when it had time to prove its value. It has certainly delivered so far, absence of limescale, streaking, machines that are less costly to maintain [no calgon] and we expect will last longer.We expect this will be a good long term investment.

    Fabian Lee , Kells

    Since we got the EWT water softener system installed my partner says he hasnt had to unclog the showerhead. We used to have big problems with limescale in our shower. Now when I wash my hair it feels cleaner and lighter. Another big benefit was the filtered tap we got with our system. Now I can drink my water and not have to worry about whats in it.Charlotte Reed, Maelduin, Dunshaughlin, Meath

    Charlotte Reed , Dunshaughlin


    martin Rattigan , moate

    There' is a big difference in the quietly of water it is much nicer to drink also it is a lot softer when your in the shower. The area i live in is a very hard water area. The also is a difference in the kettle. I find myself cleaning a lot less now. The dishes in the dishwasher come out cleaner then they did before. I have to say i find the service in EWT amazing they are great.

    Michael Healey , Drogheda

    We had the EWT water system installed last week - and since then the improvement in the taste and quality of the water has been amazing! We are so happy to have invested in it - and the installation was fast, and so neat!

    Dee McCarthy , Drogheda

    21/1/14 Since having the Gold Series water softener fitted my life is so much easier. I was spending hours descaling kettles, sinks, taps and the lime was even sticking to the shower door it had everywhere destroyed!! The guy who fitted it was really professional and knowledgeable about the product. Niamh Smith, Mountmellick, Laois

    Niamh Smith , Mountmellick

    "Since getting the EWT water softener installed, we have noticed a big difference in the shower, sinks, baths & kitchen. They are much easier to keep clean. Our skin and hair are much softer. We are using much less product like softener for the washing machine and we don't have to buy Calgon tablets anymore. Also we are drinking a lot of water from the drinking tap which means that I don't have to buy bottled water anymore either so I'm saving money. The engineer that installed the unit was great, very clean and put everything back where it belonged. I'm very happy with everything" Paul Daly, Oakleigh, Longwood, Co. Meath

    Paul Daly , Longwood

    We have the EWT Gold 606 Water Softener and drinking water filter system installed for nearly a year now in our home. The reduction in limescale in this very hard water area is really very good. We have had no issues with the system and only used a few bags of salt in the year. The drinking water is much nicer and tastes a lot better than straight from the ordinary tap. I would recommend the two system to anyone in a hard water area.

    Steve Gaughran , Ashbourne

    I have to say that the softener is going great. The quality of water in my house is great. The shower head is much easier you clean now that there no more limescale build up. I find the water is softer and as a result my skin is not as dry as it used to be. I'm happy with the results i have seen since having the water softener installed.

    Grainne Keegan , Drogheda

    18/2/14 So pleased with our gold series water softener. Its only one week installed it has made such a difference to our water supply. The showerhead has started spraying again, the kettle is sparkling clean, the free drinking water is so nice, washing has become much easier with softer water. Good bye limescale, also your engineer was very helpful, I have already told several of my friends about your wonderful company.Michael Kelly craughwell

    michael kelly , craughwell

    we are very happy we got the water softener installed .No more finding lumps of lime in the bottom of a cup of tea. Kettle is limescale free. My clothes are feeling softer no more hard towels. I would recommend it to anyone that has hard limescale water. we can actually drink the water from tap now so we should save money not having to buy drinking water.

    Christy Quinn , Ballymote

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed the reduction in limescale has been fantastic. The biggest improvement has been the shower heads and shower doors. The kitchen sink draining board was very dull and full of limescale and that has improved greatly and now has a shine again. The taps and sink in the kitchen are limescale free and a lot easier to keep clean. I have to say we are very pleased with the results. Our skin and hair are much softer as well. The water from the S2000 drinking filter tap tastes much better. The engineer that installed the unit was fantastic he was very clean and tidy and had a lovely manner. I would give top marks for a job well done. I have recommended EWT to friends and family and I am very pleased I decided to get the units installed. Ger OByrne, Dunromin, Ferrybank, Waterford

    Ger O'Byrne , Ferrybank, Waterford

    I have most definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my water since the EWT water softener was installed. The biggest benefit for me is peace of mind. I know my appliances arent going to give me anymore problems and the water my family is using to shower isnt too harsh on their skin. Ive had to replace my kettle, washing machine and shower all due to limescale. Now the limescale is basically gone. Ive noticed with the cold weather my childrens eczema isnt as irritated as it normally would be. So its really has helped.

    Philip Hyland , Bettystown

    Very happy so far just interested in the amount of salt needed to maintain system so will keep this under advisement. looking forward to free salt!

    Mary Landy , Drogheda

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed the lime scale in our water was affecting the appliances, taps & showers. Now we dont have to clean the showerhead anymore and the shower door is mark free. There is no residue on cups of tea and it tastes so much better. We have noticed the savings by not having to buy new kettles and expensive filters for jugs. The installer was very good. The system does exactly what it is supposed to do. Martin Burns, Steeple Chase Hill, Ratoath, Meath

    Martin Burns , Ratoath

    I had a gold series water softener installed a couple of weeks ago, it made a huge difference. It\'s an excellent water softener. The drinking water filter was also installed.Installer was very helpful. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.

    Tadeus Bizunovic , Clara

    We're delighted with the products installed and quality of water attained. Immediately evidenced by the clearing of limescale in our kettle and the noticeable 'softness' of the water while showering. We were especially impressed by the actual installation. This was assessed, prepared and carried out very neatly and proficiently by the installer.

    Harry Hughes , Murroe

    The biggest benefit Ive noticed since our EWT water softener System was installed is the improvement in my daughters skin. Before she would have suffered with dry skin but now her skin is clear and soft. I also find were saving money on our appliances, the shower head is not getting clogged with limescale as that water is now softened. The water from our taps tasted awful and now it is much better and refreshing. All my dealings with EWT were handled promptly and their employees are friendly and polite. Paul Hegarty , Ard Na Boinne, Dublin Rd, Trim, Meath

    Paul Hegarty , Trim

    Ive already recommended EWT to my friends. The softener I have is excellent. There has been a big reduction in limescale. Our dishwasher is like brand new since we got the system installed. Before we used to rinse some of the dishes and glasses as we took them out from a clean load. Now theyre perfect. Our drinking water is great now too. Its clear as crystal and its great for giving diluted drinks to the kids.

    Michael Healey , Drogheda

    My biggest benefit since having the softener installed is i can now enjoy a nice warm soft shower where as before i used to have to empty the shower head while i was in the shower. There's no limescale around the shower head,sink or taps any more. I find my dishes come out cleaner from the dishwasher. The water in the house is much softer. And the S2000 drinking filter tap is much more nicer to drink from.

    James Keegan , Monasterevin

    The EWT water softener is brilliant. The results are fantastic. The limescale is completely gone from the showerheads and shower doors. The dishes are sparkling from the dishwasher. Cleaning takes far less time, with just a quick wipe and I'm done. The clothes smell clean and fresh when washed. The feel of the water is lovely & smooth. Our detergents, shampoos & shower gels lather up quick and easy, using a lot less quantities. The only regret is that I did not get this installed sooner"

    Edel Gallagher , Ashbourne

    We got the water softener installed this year and I have to say since getting it installed was the best thing. Everything in the house is just PERFECT. We are very happy that we decided to install the water softener and the engineer couldnt have been better Mary Murray, Cloneycavan, Ballivor, Meath

    Sean & Mary Murray , Ballivor

    In the four years before the water softener was installed we replaced two washing machines, one dishwasher and on average two kettles per year due to the limescale. We havent had any problem with our washing machine since. We noticed the difference within a week of having the water softener installed, from cleaning the shower and taps to the softness of our skin and hair. The shampoo and shower gels lather so much more and we dont have to buy as much cleaning products. The installation of the water softener was great & so is the after sales service. Even the drinking water tastes so much better now.

    Sandra Farrell , Ashbourne

    I would highly recommend EWT water softener, since getting it the water tastes great, and the shower and bathrooms have never looked so clean.

    Louise , Balbriggan

    Very pleased with EWT water softener. Water taste is very good and lime scale has gone. All I could ask for.

    Tommy Morrissey , Drogheda

    "We have had the EWT water softener installed a couple of months now and so far so good. The shower doors were very stained before and now they are a lot easier to keep clean. The bathroom & kitchen sinks are great you just have to wipe them and they are clean, before there were always water marks on them. The engineer that installed the unit was great he was very neat and tidy. Overall we are very happy we got the unit installed" Resident, Maelduin, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

    Resident Maelduin , Dunshaughlin

    I have suffered with an itchy/dry scalp,dry patches of skin since i moved to my house 2 years ago. I contacted EWT and they where very understanding,had a softener fitted on Thursday,drained off my cistern in the loft and then let it fill with soften water the same day i showered and cleaned my stainless sink in the kitchen and now no itchy scalp or limescale marks on the sink. I worked For a water company for 40 years in England and must say should have had this fitted when i first mover here.

    Patrick Christmas , Ferbane

    There has been a huge improvement in the house since the EWT water softener was installed. The shower head has un-blocked and cleaned itself. The shower doors are clean and clear as well. I am using fewer products like washing up liquid; shampoos & shower gels which save me money. The kettle is nice and clean and has no more limescale its nice being able to enjoy a cup of tea. We are very pleased with the results of the softener and very happy we got the unit installed. I have no problem recommending the EWT water softener

    Thomas Crilly , Cushinstown, Meath

    I have saved money since getting EWT water softener installed in my house. The difference in the limescale is great. I am happy with the softener and the results i have seen. The water is a lot softer in the house. I now can enjoy a shower with out it taking ages to heat up or the shower clogging up.

    Dan Walshe , Rathangan

    Since getting the EWT water softener fitted we have noticed a dramatic difference. Over the last few years the water quality in the Balbriggan area has gotten progressively worse and eventually we said enough is enough and went to get a water softener fitted. Ever since we have had a supply that leaves less lime scale on baths, showers, kettles and even when cooking there's no fine layer appearing in the pots. When washing dishes by hand we see that less washing up liquid is required also less detergent is required for the washing machine beause the soap lathers easily. We also had the water filter tap for drinking water installed and this has been a great success giving us good clean water on demand (without the nasty taste that sometimes arises in the area) and most importantly if means that we no longer have to rely on the water filter jugs that we previoulsly used which saves a considerable amount of money over the year. Overall I'd say this is one of the best investments we've put into the house over the last few years and I only wish we had done it sooner.

    Darren Corcoran , Balbriggan
  • Customer service is appalling. Resin in the water softener ruined my shower and cistern. We had two engineers out and are still waiting for a cheque that Grace was supposed to put in the post two weeks or more ago. I certainly would not be recommending your Company to anybody. In fact, when my son built his house recently I encouraged him to look to another Company and he went with Broderick \'s in Midleton\r\nMy son, Andrew O Brien, Articthect, is also building and although he is putting in a well I have informed him of our difficulties with EWT and suggested that he stay well clear of your Company

    Assumpta O Brien ,

    We got in the water softner over a month ago. I was a bit dubious but i have to say the difference is amazing. My tea tastes different, my skin and hair and childrens is much softer. My son is 6 and suffers with dry skin but that is clearing up now. We were going to buy a new shower as it wasnt working clogin up and descaling the shower head. Not anymore, its like new and im not jokeing if you have a few spare bob get it. I'm saveing on calgon tablets,fabric conditioner,hair treatments,and exzema cream for my son,also i got my washing machine serviced and was told i won't get long more out of it. Well not anymore its working beter than ever. Thank you ewt.I should have got it in years ago my husband was right.Yours faithfully lisa and david allen

    LISA ALLEN , Drogheda

    Ive had my EWT water softener installed nearly six years now and Ive had no problems with any of my appliances in that time. Before I had my system installed I cleaned the showerhead out every three weeks. Now I have no problems with limescale. The softener water has also improved the condition of babys skin. My water is perfect now and Im very happy with the EWT system.

    Paul Guy , Enfield

    I have to agree with the other reviews, having the water conditioner has really given me peace of mind. I live in a very hard water area. I even noticed a huge difference within a few days after the installation. I know i'm drinking clean fresh water and i have lowered the setting on my hot water too which leaves more money in my purse. Thanks EWT I totally recommend people to have EWT install a water conditioner for them. EWT can travel all over Ireland to our friends and family too to install their unit too.

    Lorraine White , Athy

    since having the softener installed we have had no need to de-scale our kettle or wonder when we will have to buy a new one, as for showering it used to be very annoying having itchy skin after taking a shower what a relief it is now the water is soft and my daughters ecsema has calmed down ( Big Relief). Got a new shower other one was burned out (over-worked due to limescale clogging)what a difference.Definitely worth the money.

    Randall Daly , Murroe, Limerick

    There is a considerable difference in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. There is definitely less limescale and our drinking water is impeccable. Ive noticed a reduction in limescale everywhere. We used to buy harpic power plus and calgon tablets but we dont need to that anymore. My partner has mentioned she can really feel the softness of the water. She says her hair and skin feels much softer now. Im very happy with my system and I found EWT customer service excellent.

    Donal Hernon , Bettystown

    Since we got the water softner the water tastes like bottled water. My only regret is I didn't get one in sooner. Even the kids notice how good it is. Showers are much cleaner and so also are the toliets. I would highly recommend this as a must have.

    Kieran Ryan , Delvin

    I can really feel the softness in our water since I got the EWT water softener installed. I had a bit of dry skin before but now it has really improved. My shower unit and taps used to be constantly scaled up with lime and very difficult to clean. Now I hardly spend any time cleaning the shower or the kitchen. Since installation there really is no limescale. When our water softener was fitted everything ran very smoothly and Ive had no problems since.

    Carmel McDonnell , Navan

    One of the biggest benefits of having the EWT water softener for me is what it does for my hair. My hair is much softer and feels really clean after I wash it. I‘ve also noticed Im getting more lather from my shampoos so Im using less. Theres less limescale in our bathrooms and kitchen. Since weve had the water softener installed we havent had to replace any of our appliances. Our drinking water is much nicer now too. Ive recommended EWT to my friends already. I honestly believe youre getting great value for your money.

    Samantha Colmey , Drogheda

    Since the water softener was installed we have noticed a big difference in the water. The shower head no longer clogs up like it used to and even our hair & skin feels much softer when you get out of the shower. We use less washing powder, shampoos and shower gels so there is a savings there. The drinking water tastes better to drink and so does the tea & coffee. Also the smell & taste of chlorine is no longer there. We are very happy with the service provided and would recommend the units to anyone.

    Sean & Fiona Carey , Ashbourne

    There has been a vast improvement in the quality of my water since having the softener installed. My water no longer feels hard. I can really feel it in my shower. The water is much smoother and I can feel the difference of it on my skin. I use fewer detergents in my washing machine. There are no water marks on my dishes from the dishwasher either. I have saved a lot of money on buying bottled water while I am drinking much more water now from the free S2000 drinking unit that came with the softener. My showerhead hasnt clogged up. My Kettle is free from limescale and has lasted longer than any other kettle Ive had. EW Technologies were excellent and very professional to deal with, I enjoy getting their reminder text messages too, as I find them very helpful, and I highly recommend them to my friends and family

    Janette Delaney , Balbriggan

    6/9/13 Since getting the EWT gold series water system installed in our house in June 2013 we have noticed a considerable change in the quality of our drinking water and even down to taking a shower there has been a big improvement. The clothes being washed in the washing machine are even coming out better ,so all in all we are very very happy with this system and should have got it installed sooner .

    Peter Mills , Navan

    7/3/14 Installed EWT's Gold Series water softener in my house in mid August 2013 and am so glad I did. No need to remove limescale from kettles and shower heads anymore and now also have soft water in my washing machine and dishwasher aswell. Water is now drinkable and system is easily maintained - All in all good value and have recommended it to my friends. Kevin Geogheghan, Roosky, Roscommon

    Kevin Geoghegan , Roosky

    Our EWT water softener is brilliant. It has made such a difference to the quality of water throughout the house. Our power shower is working properly now and the shower heads and doors have cleared themselves of limescale. The sinks & taps throughout the house are clean and clear of limescale with no build-up of lime anywhere. The clothes are clean and fresh when they come out of the washing machine and they feel soft especially the towels. I save money not buying limescale removal products, that don't work! Our kettle is clean and we can enjoy a decent cup of tea again

    Sharon Dowling , Kildalkey

    There is a hugh difference in the house since the EWT water softener installed. I drink more water from the filter and it tastes a lot better. I've saved a lot of money by having the softener installed. I spend less time cleaning. My skin is not as dry because the water is softer. My heating heats up much quicker because its limescale free. WHEN I wash my clothes in the washing machine they come out much softer and the delph is sparkling when they come out of the dishwasher. My biggest benefit for having the softener installed would be that all the limescale is gone from my shower heads and shower doors. My sinks and taps are limescale free.

    Claire Kerton , Willow Heights

    I would absolutely recommend the EWT Water Softener. The water tastes much better from the S2000 filter tap that came free with the softener. I don't have to buy bottled water anymore saving me money. My Skin and hair feel a lot softer. Our clothes smell fresh and they feel softer when washed. Glasses are sparkling now from the dishwasher. The kettle has improved greatly. The shower is a lot cleaner I find cleaning takes a lot less effort. There is no new build-up of limescale on the taps or around the sinks. Thanks for a fast and efficient service

    Donna Skelly , Ratoath

    I had a problem with hard water (limescale build up) in my house. I realised that if I didn't do something about it, I would be buying a new washing machine, dishwasher and electric shower well before the lifespan of the machines. I went online and found EWT who advised me of the specific water treatment and pricing of the product (they beat their competitors on price). I had the water softener fitted to my water mains in February and I can tell you this it works brilliantly. The proof... my kettle has yet to be de-scaled, and its June! The taps have no sign of limescale on the nozzles, and my shower hose head is clear of limescale sediment. I use less detergent to wash my clothes. They install the machine in under an hour and give you a drinking water tap and filter as a bonus! Im very pleased with the after sales care I've been given and Im delighted to say this is an Irish owned company which is great.Once again, if youre looking to sort out your domestic hard water issue, give these guys a shout!

    Dave Sheahan , Ashbourne

    Love it! Big difference in the quality of our drinking water!

    David Fitzgerald , Raheny, Dublin 5

    I am absolutely delighted with our water softener and with our filter tap. The service provided was second to none. Everyone was very easy to deal with and it was all installed without any fuss. I would highly recommend EWT's products and service to anyone living with hard water. It has made my life much easier, no more de-scaling kettles and showers.

    Emma McEvoy , Balbriggan

    I noticed a big improvement in the quality of my water immediately. Before we had the EWT water softener system installed we had big problems with limescale. It was destroying our appliances and the heating system broke down a few times. It was a plumber that recommended us to get a water softener. Our system is brilliant and I was very impressed. Our appliances basically de-scaled themselves. Ive had no problems with limescale buildup since our unit was installed and its really given me peace of mind. Jason Dunne, Cloch Choirneal, Balrothery, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

    Jason Dunne , Balbriggan

    The water supply for our area was changed 2 years ago and since then we have had a lot of problems with lime. I was constantly using de-scalers and cleaners to remove the lime scale from the taps, sinks and shower doors. No matter how often you cleaned them they always seemed dirty. Now the shower doors only take a quick wipe to clean whereas before it would take at least 15wipes. The showerhead was clogging up on me before, and the shower was making loud noises. When we took off the showerhead you could see the limescale caked inside. Now the shower works perfect and there is no limescale build up on the head. I used the clean out the kettle every 3 days. It was like taking stone out of the kettle. I was replacing it every 3 months. Now its crystal clear. I'm not using half as much detergent as before and the shampoo and shower lathers a lot easier.

    Bernie Wall , Clonmel

    I have to say getting the EWT 606 Gold Series water softener was a good send. We have noticed the difference in the dishwasher and washing clothes also we have a newborn so we don't have to worry about hard water on sensitive skin . I would recommend EWT to anyone.

    Declan Killeen , Athlone

    22/11/13 Have the system in about a month now and the results are brill.No more lime stains anywhere.After a shower no more dry skin and no need to use moisture.Appliances are cleaner.No more need for bottled water to drink with the drinking water system. One very happy customer.

    Noel Casey , Caherline

    We are delighted we got the EWT water softener installed. The difference in the water is unbelievable the kettle has no lime in it any more. Our clothes are cleaner coming out of the washing machine and the Delphi is sparkling coming out of the dishwasher. I do less cleaning around the house. Theres no more build up of lime scale on my taps,sinks or shower head.

    Rachel Magee , limerick town

    Since getting the EWT water softener I dont have to clean the shower heads as often now. There isnt lime scale everywhere like there was before. The taps and shower door are easier to clean.I use less detergent than before and still get the same results" Olive & Michael Farrington, Woodlands, Ratoath, Meath

    Olive Farrington , Ratoath

    The water softener is great. The kettle is limescale free. The S2000 is much nicer to drink from and I drink more of it. My water in the shower is much softer. I have saved money by having the water softener installed. I spend less time cleaning the limescale out of my bathroom. The customer service is great that i was giving by EWT.

    John Fox, , Ferrybank

    The water softener is great i have no problems with it. When I wash my dishes they come out sparking. I have noticed a big improvement on lime scale on my taps and shower head. I use less washing powder to wash my clothes. i've saved a lot of money by having the softener installed. My clothes are cleaner when I wash them in the washing machine. And I spend less time cleaning the limescale in my bathroom.

    Gill Tarea , Kilcolgan

    One month since we had the water softener and filter installed.I am so happy with the change in my water since having EWT install it. There is no new build-up of limescale on the taps or around the sinks,the water tastes great. Would recommend it to anyone

    Arturas Vaicikasukas , Lusk

    EWT installed a year ago. Delighted with limescale free water. Saving time energy and money for cleaning. Also much normal tasting water all the time. Thanks to EWT!!

    Simi sasi , Trim

    I continued to be impressed with the proactive customer services of EWT. Upon having the unit installed a member of the team contacted me to make sure everything was ok. Each year we receive a reminder to have the unit serviced i find it very helpful. The engineers arrive when they say they will be there, none of this waiting around all day. All in all excellent customer services, professional, friendly and proactive company.

    A O Connor , Maynooth
  • I would recommend the EWT water softener to everyone. Ive noticed a big reduction in limescale right throughout the house. I dont spend half as long cleaning as I used to. My shower and kettle are perfect. They never clog up anymore. Even my dishwasher and washing machine are working more efficiently. The dishes are cleaner and Im using less washing powder. The filtered tap is great too and my drinking water is lovely now.

    Yvonne Magilton , Drogheda

    There is a big difference in my house since getting the water softener installed. I no longer have to scrub the shower door or taps it used to take me a very long time to clean. I use 50% less detergents then i used to. My shower and sinks are shinning with the cleaness of them now.

    Peggy Pinhao , Bettystown

    The service we received right from the very start was very professional and I feel that this company is established extremely well. Our friends had recommended EWT and rightly so as even though we are still very new customers, we are so very pleased with it so far. The unit arrived as promised and the engineer was helping me to make up my mind where to better install it. Once agreed, the installation took place which was very swift. Engineer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We are happy with the unit and the drinking water quality from the drinking water tap that was included in the package we picked. Thanks guys for all the help and advice whith our EWT unit choice and installation process, thumbs up, keep up a good work! :-)

    Mantas Kargelis , Portlaoise

    19/2/14 Very happy to have fluoride out of drinking water and soft water in our home. EWT staff were friendly and efficient. Very noticeable reduction in limescale in all appliances. Even our plumber said even the gas boiler perform more efficiently and no limescale in attic tank. Prior to installing our Gold Series heating the house definitely cost more. Patrick Mackle, Clonee, Dublin 15

    patrick mackle , CLONEE

    I got the water softener installed and there has been a massive improvement in the quality of my water. My shower has no limscale residue on the glass and its cyrstal clear. The tiles are also amazingly clean where before the softner was installed we were cleaning the shower every few days. The limescale build up on my taps has gone completely. This has been the best investment I have made and I have recommended this to many people. If you are in two minds as to will I or wont I get it installed, do it as you will not regret it.

    Kieron Marry , Balbriggan

    We made the call to E.W.T on a Friday and the Installation was on the following Tuesday! The serviceman was extremely efficient and even tidied up after the Install! The Machine itself is very compact and fits into the corner neatly. The quality of the ice cold fresh water is superb and our Customers always drink it now. They regularly comment on the delicious Water. Our poor Coffee Machine has been made redundant! We are happy to recommend your Company to other Businesses looking for a very economical way to provide ice cold crystal clear Water to Thirsty Customers:)

    Joe O Meara , Athlone

    I have the Water Softener and drinking water filter system installed for nearly a year now in our home. I have to say that the difference is absolutely incredible. Limescale is basically gone. The sink is so much cleaner, there is no lime scale on it at all. There is no limescale on the taps or shower doors anymore and we spend less time cleaning. I noticed the washing machine, dishwasher and shower head working better, as before I would have to replace the appliances. I couldn't be happier, everything is still like new. The water tastes better and there is a huge difference in my tea & coffee. My skin and hair is a lot softer after a shower. The service I've received has been outstanding from every member of staff that I've dealt with. The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful.

    Sergey Konovalov , Drogheda

    My tea is so much nicer and the kettle is clear. The clothes come out of the wash smelling lovely and feeling soft, we are also getting longer from our fill of oil heating. The sink is shiny and we have bubbles in the bath now :)

    Geraldene Brady , Ballivor

    Ive definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. There is less limescale throughout the house. The kettle is cleaner and I dont have to worry about replacing my showerhead or any of my appliances. Ive even noticed my dishwasher is working more efficiently. The dishes are much cleaner than before I had the water softener. Another big benefit for me is the filtered drinking tap. My tea even tastes better.

    Kevin OConnor , Ratoath

    This is good value for money as there are no limescale in my kettle, shower head as well as my washing machine. I previously have to de-scale my kettle and shower head regularly but not any more. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends.

    Titi Sokan , Clogherhead, Co. Louth

    Limescale has just disappeared from our house since we got a EWT water softener system installed. I use to spend a fortune on filters and de-scaling products, now I have no need for them. Our pots, shower head, bath and kettle are all completely clear. Its made doing the washing much easier. Our clothes are both softer and cleaner now. Im very happy with the system and I no longer have to worry about the taste of my water. Our system absolutely does work.Margaret Lawless, Fort Barrington Drive Dun Brinn, Athy

    Margaret Lawless , Athy

    We love both our water softener and filter tap! Thank God the limescale's gone! We are enjoying the clean and very clear water everyday unlike before!We are very happy with our EWT water softener and filter! Getting them is one of the best decisions we made this year!Elithe Casey, Na Cluainte, Portarlington, Offaly

    Elithe casey , Portarlington

    9/9/13 EWT water softener has made a huge difference to our household. My kettle has no limescale which is a first, we used to have to change it every 6 - 8 months, the shower, dishwasher and washing machine are much better too. By far the biggest difference is our son has eczema and that has cleared up by about 80%. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Patricia Elliott , The Naul

    There has been a big reduction in limescale in the house. The S2000 drinking water is a big improvement and tastes great. My washing machine is limescale free as a result my clothes are much softer. It used to take me a long time to clean the lime from my shower but now it just takes a cloth to give it a wipe and its clean. I am happy I had the softener installed because my appliances will last longer and save me money. Our Ladys Island

    Gerard Rice , wexford town

    Excellent service, has made a marked improvement to the quality of our water. Much easier to keep kitchen and bathroom clean, no more chiselling limescale out of toilet :) Very friendly and professional too. Highly recommended

    Ronan McKenna , Rathmolyon

    We have the EWT water softener in a couple of months now and we could see a massive difference within a week. The limescale has disappeared from the shower-heads and shower doors. The staining is gone from the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. It is a lot easier to keep the house clean. The S2000 filter tap is great and we use it to make the babies bottles and we are drinking more water. There has also been a great improvement in the kettle. The clothes from the washing machine also seem to be much better. The engineer that installed the unit was very clean & tidy and respectful in our home. We would recommend EWT & the water softener to anyone with limescale problems. Pat McGrath,Cherry Close, Ferrybank, Waterford

    Pat McGrath , Ferrybank, Waterford

    The quality of water I have now is excellent since I got the EWT water softener installed. The engineer who fitted the unit was 100%, I couldnt fault him. There has been an enormous reduction in the amount of limescale. I have two showers in the house so I noticed a big difference straight away. Theres no limescale in my kettle and I dont have any problems with my appliances. My skin is certainly softer and I get more lather from my shampoo and shower gels. I am a very happy customer of EWT.

    George Mernagh , Navan

    Massive difference in the quality of my water in just a few days. The tea tastes much better, no scale in the kettle and the water filter works a treat. Most of all i have to congradulate EWT on the calibre of their staff. The lad who fitted my water softner was an absolute gentleman, he had o lot of respect for my home while he was working there, clean up after himself, and gave me a demo on how the system works etc. i would highly recommend this company. Those who think that EWT might me a little bit expensive, believe me the job is worth it. You pay for what you get. ( keep an eye on the EWT page, they do some great deals.

    Philip Walker , Ratoath

    Our EWT water softener is absolutely brilliant. Ive definitely noticed less limescale and a difference in taste of the water. Limescale is a huge problem in my area. My shower and kettle were regularly clogging up. That doesnt happen anymore. Ive really noticed the softness in the water. My hair and skin feels softer from it. Ive also noticed a difference in the washing machine; were not using as much detergent as before. The filtered tap is great, thats all we drink in the house now. Im very happy with my system and I would recommend EWT to anyone.

    Roisin McLoughlin , Laytown

    I just love the taste of the drinking water its very refreshing and it saves me money because i\'m no longer buying bottled water any more. I spend less time cleaning the limescale in the shower. My clothes in the washing machine are smelling fresher and feeling much softer as a result. I have noticed that when im in the shower the water is alot softer. My kettle used to be full of limescale now you wouldn\'t find one bit of limescale in the kettle. I have also noticed that i am using less washing powder and shower gels.

    Emma Carty , Pembrokestown

    Since i got the Gold Series 500 model installed i can't believe the difference. We now have hot showers every day, tea and coffee tastes better and i'm saving a fortune on buying water. Should have installed this system years ago

    Sandra Jordan , Bettystown

    After moving from the Southside of Dublin to Swords, I found it unbearable having to shower. I would break out in a rash each time and my hair was so ...

    Phil F , Swords

    Since the EWT water softener was installed we have noticed a huge decline in the lime scale in the house. The difference in the shower doors and shower heads is great, the shower heads were always clogging up we dont have that problem now. Our skin and hair is a lot softer after a shower. The kettle is great we dont get that film on top of the tea anymore and when we wash the dishes they are clear of stains. We are drinking a lot more water since the S2000 drinking tap was installed and young lads especially which is good. We are very happy we got it in and the engineer was very good and it turned out that I have known him a long time. I would have no problem recommending EWT. Gearoid Mahon, Kilcurriff, Cummer, Tuam, Co. Galway

    Gearoid Mahon , Tuam

    The quality of our water is much better since we got the EWT water softener installed. Weve really noticed the difference in the shower. The kids hair is a lot softer and the shower is much cleaner. Our water has completely changed. Its nicer to drink and the kettle stays clean now. Im very happy with my softener and the engineer that installed it was very good and professional.

    Barbara Fennessy , Ratoath

    Theres not that limescale build up on the kettle, taps or shower head that there was before. The sinks are much easier to clean. We used to have to buy a limescale remover for the shower, sinks and the bath. Now I just wash them down with the soft water. I don't even buy calgon tablets anymore, there's no need.

    Helen Rafferty , Ratoath

    I bought my water softener because my sister recommended it to me. She was so right. The difference is amazing and its ony been in a few days. When I showered I felt like I had moisturised my skin and that is NO exagaration. Honeslty its one of the best purchases i have ever made. When you think of what you spend on appliances and how limescale ruins it. Dont think about it, just get it!!

    Denise Reid , Drogheda

    The installer was on time and very friendly. We didn't realise that you couldn't use laser/credit card after 6pm, but they allowed us to ring with payment the following morning. Noticed a difference in the water within the first week. You can feel the difference in the water and the limescale build-up on the shower door/taps is much better already.I would highly recommend to anyone who has limescale problems to get one installed, well worth the money and it`s the best investment you`ll ever make with 100% no doubts in your mind.

    Colm White , Kildare Town

    Put the Kettle on!!rnWe are just one week into using EWT Gold Series Water filter and we are delighted with the water. The improved taste of the water and the better cups of tea are well worth the investment. The installer was a total gentleman and tidied up after himself, he was extremely knowledgeable and maintained the maximum space under out sink

    Tony Hennebry , Enniscorthy

    The shower heads and shower door are clear of limescale since we got the EWT water softener installed. I'm using less detergent. The kettle is completely clear of limescale. The water is softer when im in the shower. My clothes are alot softer and cleaner coming out of the washing machine. Im cleaning less because theres no limescale build up. I have saved a lot of money. The S2000 drinking water tastes nicer. I'm very happy with the softener and the results i have seen.

    Bill Nolan , Ferbane

    There's is no limescale anywhere in the house since we got EWT water softener installed. The drinking water tastes a lot better. I've saved a lot of money by having the softener installed. I spend less time cleaning. Our clothes are cleaner out of the washing machine and the delph is sparkling coming out of the dishwasher.My biggest benefit of having the softener installed would be that all the limescale is gone from my shower heads and shower doors. The sinks and taps have also cleared of limescale and they are spotless.

    Brendan Denn , Clonmel
  • 13th September 2013 We had an EWT water softener installed almost 12 months ago as we live in a 'hard lime' area. Prior to this, we had a system installed by another company and the results could best be described as poor. To date, with the EWT Softener we have NOT descaled a single shower head or kettle. The system was installed by PROFESSIONAL engineers who were courteous and helpful in explaining how to operate the EWT water softener. Every month we receive a text message reminding us to add salt to the EWT water softener. The Washing machine & Dishwasher do not use as much detergent. The door of the washing machine is a testimony to the EWT softener. Limescale is a thing of the past in our house.

    Michael Donoghue , Tarmonbarry

    we had a softener installed about a month ago, really cannot get over the difference in the water in our house, especially the shower. Would highly recommend.

    Neil Hampson , Laytown

    Ive definitely a better quality of water now that I have the EWT water softener installed. I live in a very hard water area so before I used to notice my skin was a bit irritated getting out of the shower. Now my skin and hair feel softer. I got a water softener to give me piece of mind that limescale couldnt damage my machines and appliances. Now my dishwasher and washing machine are working more efficiently. My dishes are cleaner and my clothes are softer. Even cleaning up is a lot easier. There is no scum to scrub and the washing up liquid foams up very quickly. Ive had no problems with EWT and the man who installed are system was really nice.

    Jennifer Walsh , Duleek

    6/11/13 We got the water softener unit in 2 weeks ago and already I have seen a difference in my shower, kettle and washing machine. The FREE drinking water system is great. We never drank as much water and a big shout out to engineer who installed it. Another happy customer

    Michelle O Connor , Rathangan

    "We have had the EWT water softener installed a couple of months and the reduction in lime scale throughout the house is fantastic. The shower head was always clogging up and we were constantly cleaning it out along with the shower doors even though the house is only a year and half old. Now cleaning the shower doors, bathrooms, kitchen, sinks etc is so much easier. The improvement in the drinking water is brilliant before we had the RO installed the kids would ‘tummy bugs quite often which I put down to the poor water quality, since we got the RO drinking system the kids havent got any "bugs" and this is the most satisfactory result of all. The engineer who installed the systems was very good and I am delighted I made the decision to have the unit installed my In-Laws have also had it installed and I have recommended it to all my friends" Antoinette Gallagher, Togher, Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon

    Antoinette Gallagher , Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe

    I would highly recommend EWT. From sales through to delivery everything was dealt with very efficiently. The installer took time to explain everything clearly and the installation was neat - he cleaned up after himself! Of all the companies who installed various things in our new house last year, EWT stood out as the most professional, courteous and efficient by a long way.

    Anne Lavelle , Dunshaughlin

    We have had the EWT water softener installed a couple of months now and I find that the showerheads & shower doors are a lot cleaner. The taps in the bathroom & kitchen sinks are a lot easier to keep clean. My hair and skin also feel a lot softer. We are also drinking lots of water from the drinking tap and I can now get the kids to drink more water too. The engineer that installed the unit was a very nice and helpful guy. We are very happy that we got the unit installed Carol Bent, Old Balreask Woods, Navan, Co. Meath

    Carol Bent , Navan

    Just recently got the water softener installed and already I notice a big difference in the quality of the water. The water feels different and tastes better. The installation was very neat and quick. Almost immediately I found a big improvement in the water. The kettle is cleaner on the inside and even the dishes coming out of the dishwasher are much cleaner. Just think of what it's doing to the heating elements in all the household appliances.

    Chris Hallissey , Leixlip

    Our EWT water softener is perfect. Since we got the system installed there is less limescale everywhere. Weve really noticed it in the kettle and the shower. They even just look so much cleaner. The difference in the shower is brilliant. After I have a shower now I dont get that dry itchy feeling. Our clothes are in a lot better condition too. Theyre definitely cleaner and our white clothes are actually white. The biggest benefit for us is that we know our machines are working efficiently and there not being damaged by limescale.

    Liam Lacey , Enfield

    We used to have to clean the shower head regularly but now it hardly needs to be cleaned at all since we got the EWT water softener installed. Its not scaling up like it used to. There isnt that limescale scum that used to be around the taps anymore. The drinking water used to be very limey but now we can drink the water

    Mary McCann , Ratoath

    The principle benefit for me was reducing the amount of limescale we had in our water. We have a shocking problem with limescale in this area. Particularly Ive noticed a big difference in my shower. The showerhead isnt clogging up anymore and Im getting a more powerful flow of water. I couldnt fault the service Ive received from EWT. The engineer was great and very prompt.

    James McGuire , Navan

    We very pleased we have water softener fitted in our house as it has made a lot difference, taps all shinning, water very clear and taste in water noticed change on same day was fitted and also very soft to hands especially when constantly washing dishes, I would definitely recommend to my friends and relatives. Service very good and engineer who came to install was polite and friendly.

    Naran Patel , WILLESDEN

    "Our water was exteremly bad with limescale, the electric shower had to be replaced after 2 yrs, our taps, water tank and kettle were covered in limescale, our bathrooms were hard to keep clean also and clothes were not coming out clean in wash so we decided to get a water softener from EWT, we found the customer service excellant and product was fitted effeciently, we are delighted with the results so far, the kettle is still perfectly clean (over a month later)and the shower door is also perfect, I think the EWT water softener's are a must for any house that has a problem with limescale, we also got a filter tap installed for drinking water which is very usefull." Cathleen Ivers, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo

    Cathleen Ivers , Kiltimagh, Mayo

    should of done this years more limescale :-) Does what it says on the tin!!

    Gerard McCann , Newmarket

    Were all very impressed with our EWT water softener. The quality of our water is just brilliant now. Theres less limescale everywhere. Weve noticed the biggest difference in our shower. Our water was really hard before it was very harsh on my childrens scalp. My daughter also has very delicate skin and it used to get irritated after showering. Now I have peace of mind the water is very soft and its gentle on her skin. Our system was well worth the money, Ive absolutely no complaints.

    Joe Redmond , Enfield

    The limescale was very hard in our water supply, when I called the office about the flyer we received I felt I was listened to regarding the systems we needed. The engineer was very helpful and listened to our installation requirements. Since the unit was installed we have noticed our hair, skin & clothes are much softer. Tea tastes better with no residue and we now enjoy drinking the tap water as the taste & smell of chlorine is gone. We havent bought bottle water since the drinking filter was installed so we notice the savings. We dont have to clean the showerhead and taps are clean, we also save on washing powder. My daughter is getting the systems installed. Woodlands Resident, Ratoath, Co. Meath

    Resident Woodlands , Ratoath

    since having the gold series softener &drinking water system installed i have noticed how soft my hair & skin is the shower & kettle remain free from limescale & the drinking water tastes so much better im am delighted

    theresa murphy , Lusk

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed it takes less time to clean around the house as there is a significant reduction of limescale in the water. The sinks & taps in the bathroom and kitchen are clear of limescale. I am using fewer products in the shower and the water feels much softer. I am drinking a lot more water since the filter tap was installed. I'm very happy that I got the unit installed and have recommended it to friends

    Orla Smyth , Cloyne, Cork

    There has been a big improvement in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. Ive noticed less limescale throughout the house. My shower used to clog up regularly and I had to replace it. Now its working perfectly. My partner loves it too, she noticed straight away how much softer her skin and hair was. My drinking water is 100% better also. It doesnt have that cloudy appearance anymore. My tea tastes much better and the kettle is free from limescale. My system saves me up to €10 weekly not buying bottled water. Ive had no problems with EWT and Im very happy with my system.

    David Donaghy , Bettystown

    We had our Water softener installed last week and amazed is not the word, having clear water come from our kettle is just a treat. I was spending 12 15 euro on botteled water a week and now to have drinking water on tap is just fantastic.getting the water softener in was quick and it was all explained to me on how to use ect..we are just thrilled my youngest son has saver exzema so i am just dying to see the change in his skin. I am in my house 5 years and i should have got this done right away because the results are great. Thanks very much EWT.

    Nicola Corcoran , Dunshaughlin

    9/5/14 The Gold Series is really great. There is instant improvement in the quality of water and the colour of our utensils and appliances. Really worth the money.Thanks to EWT team

    Sebastian Joseph , Portlaoise

    Sept 5th 2013 To be honest I have noticed a massive improvement in the quality of the water into the house so much so I have even recommended it to my neighbours who are passing on the word. All I can say is if you have teenagers who think they are fish and water is an endless supply the EWT GOLD Series is a great investment especially when the cost of a shower every two years balances out the cost of water treatment in two years and the endless washing and cost of washing machines there really is no comparison, its a done deal in my books.

    Orlagh Murphy , Monasterevin

    I have recently installed the water softener by EWT as I was informed of the great results. We have seen instant results where our skin and hair is feeling a lot softer and our cleaning products are reduced to near half. The area in which we live in has very hard water and resulted in us having to buy two showers and a washing machine in 6 years. The drinking water from the filter is amazing where as before we had to buy our water. The installation was quick and the installer was very friendly and tidy.

    Anthony Kiernan , Donore


    kim doyle ,

    I got my ewt water filter in around April. From the very start we noticed a huge difference in the water quality. My childrens skin was always dry from the limescale and now it's perfect. Its great to have a shower and have your hair feeling soft instead of the heavy hard feeling from the unsoftened water. I love the ewt water system and just regret not getting it in sooner! Thank you soo much

    Natalie , Athlumney Navan

    I waited a few weeks to see if the quality continued as it started and I can report that the water softener that was installed on the above date is making a massive difference to my life already. I can report that there is no more limescale on the kettle, in sinks and the shower head is completely free. EW Technologies were so easy to deal with and so professional and efficient in organising and installing the units for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending EWT to anyone and personally if I had known about it, I would of had it installed a long time ago.The installer was highly competent and could not have been more helpful. for service and product I would rate EW Technologies 100%

    Eddie McDonagh , Tuam

    Since the RO drinking water unit was installed my daughter has noticed the difference and has become very choosy about the water she drinks. The service we have received is very good & they keep in regular contact regarding the service of the units. Sharon & Declan OReilly, Steeple Chase Green, Ratoath, Co. Meath

    Declan & Sharon O'Reilly , Ratoath

    There is a big difference in the water since we had the EWT water softener installed. There is no residue or limescale build-up on appliances especially the showerhead & shower door. The water flow from the shower has improved and the scale build-up around the taps is gone. We dont use as much washing powder as before because the water is softer now. The service EWT provides is very good

    Veerle Dehaene , Ratoath

    Just has the system fitted by Peter - very friendly, professional and helpful, as was Amy over the phone and via email when I was making enquiries and booking the installation. Hopefully now my hard water problems will be cured!

    Brendan O Connor , Ashtown

    We are very happy with our EWT water softener and S2000 filter drinking tap. The water is softer throughout my house. I spend less time cleaning the limescale. I have saved money by having the softener installed. I use less detergents when washing. My biggest benefit of having the softener installed would be that my house is now limescale free.

    James Kelly , Hillock