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Loving it.

  • Our water was really bad before we got the EWT water softener installed. I used to replace the kettle a few times a year because of lime and scrub scum from the shower regularly. Since I got the system I havent de-scaled the kettle and our shower stays clean now. I can see the system is working on my appliances so Im re-assured its benefiting my washing machine and dishwasher

    Joe Byrne , Kilmessan, Meath

    We used to have to clean the shower head regularly but now it hardly needs to be cleaned at all since we got the EWT water softener installed. Its not scaling up like it used to. There isnt that limescale scum that used to be around the taps anymore. The drinking water used to be very limey but now we can drink the water

    Mary McCann , Ratoath

    A month ago we got the softener installed and already can notice difference. The taps, shower door, kettle were covered with limescale and even after good cleaning the limescale was back very quickly.with the softener it is a compleatly different story. We save on cleaning products and it saves our time too. It is great!!!

    Gosia Bogusiewicz Smulik , Ashbourne

    We got the water softner installed in February, 2013. The Installation was efficient. We noticed the difference almost immediately with less limescale in showers, kettles etc. We would have no hesitation in recommending EW Technologies.

    Michael Dooley , Laois

    I would recommend the EWT water softener to everyone. Ive noticed a big reduction in limescale right throughout the house. I dont spend half as long cleaning as I used to. My shower and kettle are perfect. They never clog up anymore. Even my dishwasher and washing machine are working more efficiently. The dishes are cleaner and Im using less washing powder. The filtered tap is great too and my drinking water is lovely now.

    Yvonne Magilton , Drogheda

    The EWT system is the best investment we made for our home. The shower door, heads and taps are so much easier to maintain and our clothes keep their colour so much better than before. The benefits to our skin and hair cannot be underestimated which really surprised us as this was a bonus we didn't expect. Teas, coffees and drinking water taste so much better now. I highly recommend this product and Ew technologies

    Garrett Curran , Barnaderg

    Limescale is basically gone from my house since I got the EWT softener installed. Ive noticed a huge improvement in the efficiency of my appliances. My kettle used to be pure white and my shower head was constantly clogging up. Now therere both completely clear. The water is much softer. My hands used to feel tight after I washed them. I dont get that stiff feeling anymore. My water tastes a lot better now too. I couldnt drink my water before. It looked cloudy and had an unpleasant taste and odor. Im saving around €10 weekly buying less bottled water, now I can drink straight from the filtered tap. I found EWT brilliant and Im really happy with my softener.

    Edward Murtagh , Athy

    Since the EWT water softener was installed we have noticed a huge decline in the lime scale in the house. The difference in the shower doors and shower heads is great, the shower heads were always clogging up we dont have that problem now. Our skin and hair is a lot softer after a shower. The kettle is great we dont get that film on top of the tea anymore and when we wash the dishes they are clear of stains. We are drinking a lot more water since the S2000 drinking tap was installed and young lads especially which is good. We are very happy we got it in and the engineer was very good and it turned out that I have known him a long time. I would have no problem recommending EWT. Gearoid Mahon, Kilcurriff, Cummer, Tuam, Co. Galway

    Gearoid Mahon , Tuam

    Prior to installing the unit we had a lot of limescale in the kettle, the shower doors had scale all over them and since installing, the kettle is perfect and we don't have a problem with the shower doors, everything is much easier to clean.

    Antoinette Quinn , Tulla

    There is less limescale throughout the house since we got the EWT water softener installed. We had to clean the shower head every couple of days before we got the water softener, as we live in a hard-water area; we don't have to do that anymore. There is a big improvement in the appearance of our sink taps (or faucets), and our skin and hair feels softer. We are saving money, as well, as we don't buy water filters anymore, and we use less de-scaling products

    Tania Rueda Finnegan , Slane, Meath

    Since the EWT Gold Series water softener has been installed the difference has been noticed within weeks, no more heavy duty bathroom cleaner, savings on washing detergents etc, on top of that savings on drinking water too, As a result I recommended two of my friends, Thank you Ewt... Ravindra Verma Portarlington Offaly

    Ravindra Verma , Portarlington

    21/11/2016 I would like to say how impressed I am with the water softener installed today by Peter. He was very professional and very helpful with any questions. The softener has already made a difference to our water already. Thankyou for your service from day one of my call to the offices, good service will recommend you to all our friends.

    Jeremy Thompson , Ballyheigue Tralee

    I have to say getting the EWT 606 Gold Series water softener was a good send. We have noticed the difference in the dishwasher and washing clothes also we have a newborn so we don't have to worry about hard water on sensitive skin . I would recommend EWT to anyone.

    Declan Killeen , Athlone

    We had the EWT water system installed last week - and since then the improvement in the taste and quality of the water has been amazing! We are so happy to have invested in it - and the installation was fast, and so neat!

    Dee McCarthy , Drogheda

    My EWT water softener is brilliant. There is less limescale all over the house. I got the water softener to extend the life of my washing machine and appliances. I used to regularly replace the kettle. But since my softener was installed I havent had to replace it in long time. My cleaning products have been cut in half. I no longer use calgon tablets and the shower doors stay clean. Another big benefit for me was the drinking water. Im not buying bottled water anymore because the water from my tap tastes just as good. The overall service Ive received has been perfect.

    Maureen Stanley , Athy

    My biggest benefit since having EWT water softener installed is that all the limescale has cleared itself from house, and as a result I spend less time cleaning the bathroom taps,sinks shower doors and heads. I am very happy with EWT customer service I find them very helpful and easy to deal with.Even my dishwasher you can see that they come out a lot more cleaner then they did before. I find that I have saved money since having the softener installed in my home.

    Joe Hartigan, , Emly

    I really love my EWT Gold Series water softener. Best thing we ever done,just sorry I didn't get it sooner. I don't have to clean the shower anymore and my hair feels so soft when washing it. No more limescale in my tea and my appliances are shiny. I would highly recommend it

    Gena Meegan , Drogheda

    Ive noticed some big differences since I got the EWT water softener installed. The water is definitely softer and there is less limescale around the house. Ive noticed especially in my kettle there are no little white bits and it doesnt clog up anymore. Ive also noticed I dont use as much shampoo or shower gel because they lather easier. Im not buying bottled water anymore either. I used to spend around €10 a week on bottled water and then Id have to store them. I found it very easy to deal with EWT and I was very impressed with the engineer that installed my system.

    Geraldine Depuis , Drogheda

    There is a huge difference in our house since the EWT water softener was installed. There is no lime build-up around the sinks, showers and taps in the house. The shower head and shower doors are spotless now. The water feels very soft and smooth on our skin. The glasses and cutlery are cleaner now out of the dishwasher with no residue on them. Also, cleaning around the house now takes up less time which I am delighted with

    Aoife , Carlow

    I had my water softener installed in my house last week and am happy to say now that the limescale is completely gone. I will be very proud and happy to recommend you to friends and family.

    Amos Balogun , Clover meadows

    Im very pleased with the water softener. I spend less time cleaning the lime from my shower head and tap. When im in the shower the soap slides out of your hands because the water is much softer. My kettle is running lovely. I have been replacing kettles for the last 20 years now i have the softener i haven't had to replace one. I went to clean the washing machine filter and i was shocked to see that nothing was there it was clean. My friend noticed that my tea and water was nicer and noticed the difference troughout my house and he also got the water softener installed.

    Gordon Durham , Longwood

    Our EWT water softener has made a dramatic difference in reducing the amount of limescale in our water. Ive had big problems with limescale buildup in the past and as a result Ive replaced the tank and emersion twice in the last few years. Now everything runs efficiently and the water heats up quickly. I have no complaints about EWT and the engineer that installed the water softener was 100% dead on. He was very mannerly and quick.

    Noel O Connor , Navan

    4/9/13 The Units are Great!!!that is what we were looking for.

    Martin , Co. Dublin

    Excellent service from website to telephone to service call and installation faultless, honest and professional.

    anita murphy , Ballinlough Castlerea

    September 4th 2013 We have our water softener installed only a week and instantly noticed the difference. Our clothes are softer and our skin is softer aswell. It's amazing the difference in taste in the water with the new drinking tap .The kettle and iron are already looking better. The engineer was so clean and tidy and very efficent and explained how it worked very clearly. Really is the best money we could have spent ,i would have no hesitation in recommending this product !

    Elizabeth , ratoath

    Since the water softener was installed the limescale has gone from our water. Our taps and showers are cleaner. The water used to irritate my skin but this is no longer the case and I dont have to use as much creams anymore. My skin is a lot softer. The after care is very good and they keep in rgular contact regarding the service. The units just do exactly as advertised. I have recommended the water softener to neighbours & friends – most have had them installed.

    Paul Joyce , Ashbourne

    We are so happy with our water softener we got installed, our water quality is so much better. Biggest differences is in the shower and the kettle where there is 100% improvement. Great EWT team.

    David Joyce , Ballycahill

    9/9/13 EWT water softener has made a huge difference to our household. My kettle has no limescale which is a first, we used to have to change it every 6 - 8 months, the shower, dishwasher and washing machine are much better too. By far the biggest difference is our son has eczema and that has cleared up by about 80%. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Patricia Elliott , The Naul

    30/1/14 No more liI can't believe the difference no more limescale in the water its like drinking spring water from a tap. mescale on shower door or kettle. Its just luxury after years of white scum in the water. Thank you EWT you do exactly as is advertised. Elizabeth Farrell, Killerig, Carlow

    Elizabeth Farrell , Killerig

    EWT water softener is working very well. I have noticed a huge difference in the shower heads and in the washing machine not having to clean the shower head and washing machine drum. Im finding the water is not hard on my skin & scalp, much softer now. We are not using as much shampoos and laundry detergent. I have to say the engineer who installed the unit was ‘Top Class he was a very tidy worker and quick, very pleased. Rogger Hughes, Garnafana, Tomevara, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

    Mr Rogger Huges , Nenagh
  • 6/9/13 The EWT water softener has made a great difference for us. Not only are our electrical appliances working much better but many of the skin irritations the family suffered from have completely gone.

    Padraig Kelly , Kilaloe

    The EWT water softener is perfect, since getting it installed the clothes are softer, no limescale on the kettle which I had to clean all the time. We dont have to clean the bathrooms, toilets as much. I was always cleaning the shower head every 2 weeks its not clogged at all since the system went in. Very happy with the customer service, EWT were true to their word came down when they said they would. Its the best thing we ever did getting the EWT water softener. Colette Ryan, Ballincanty Bluebell, Tullomore, Co. Offaly.

    Colette Ryan , Tullamore, Offaly

    I'm happy i got the system installed in my home because there's no more limescale build up in my house. My clothes feel softer coming out of the washing machine and the dishes come out of the dishwasher cleaner. The water is softer throughout the house. I find myself cleaning less and using less shampoo's. I have the RO installed in my house and i have to say it is really fresh and taste-full to drink from it.

    Maureen Boland , Monasterevin

    Since EWT installed my S3000 unit my life got much easier. No more driving to the shops to buy heavy 5L bottles of water and lugging it up to my apartment. For lovely drinkable water all I have to do is... open the tap!!!

    Irene Nel , Galway

    Theres less limescale everywhere since I got the EWT softener system installed. Everything looks a lot cleaner and my appliances are even working more efficiently. Ive noticed the kettle boils faster and the water pressure is greater in the shower now. The engineer installed the system with no problems and Im very happy with the system

    Phil Lennon , Ratoath

    Ive definitely noticed less limescale throughout the house since I got the EWT water softener installed. My kettle and shower both used to clog up regularly. Ive replaced my kettle a number of times. Now therere both perfect with no limescale. Ive also noticed in the shower how much more my shampoo lathers. My hair feels really clean and looks better. I have a baby in the house so its good to know the water Im using is kind and gentle to her skin. Overall my system is a huge benefit.

    Ann-Marie Hennessy , Athy

    Our water was very hard, quite a lot of limescale. After the installation of the EWT Gold series water softening unit the water became notably softer and the stains from limescale on the sink have reduced and nearly disappeared. The installation was done is a professional manner, happy to recommend EWT.

    Ivo Miltchev , Balbriggan

    Ive noticed a massive difference in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener system installed. The quality of my water is just much better the shower gel lathers up a lot easier now. Our appliances have really improved and our glasses come out of the dishwasher spotless now. Peter Walsh, Moyview, Kildalkey, Meath

    Peter Walsh , Kildalkey

    I had your system installed in October 2013 and apart from a few initial problems the system is working ok, no more lime and this is a very hard water area. The only problem I find is that after initial problems with lime coming back into my home system the second technician that called adjusted the refresh rate, but now it refreshes after every 50T, so my water consumption has gone up from the initial setting of over 100 T as you can appreciate. I was wondering if this could be tweaked to perform more efficiently so I didn't use as much water when the system refreshes.

    Paddy Moloney , Oola

    8/11/13 Been in for a month now, brilliant. Ever since the water supply was changed to the water pumped from the river Barrow it was undrinkable. Well worth it just for the free water filter. Everything is better around the house water wise, cleaner and brighter. Haven't had to put any salt in the dishwasher either. Thats a saving straight away. Small problem with salt bridging this week, but an E-mail cured that, a phone call the next day from E.W.T and the guy talked me through the settings over the phone and the problem was resolved. Well done E.W.T keep it up.

    les ellwood , Kildare

    "We got the EWT water softener installed in May of this year and we are very pleased with the system.. There is a lot of lime in our household water supply and since we installed the salt purification unit, our water is lime free. The reverse osmosis drinking system that we also had installed provides clean and pure drinking water. The engineer who installed the unit was very professional, helpful and tidy and understood our requirements very well. We are very happy with the decision we made to have the unit installed and I would recommend it to any household that has lime or other metal or salt based contaminants in their water supply John Early, Castlecourt, Terryglass, Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

    John Early , Nenagh

    We have the EWT water softener in a couple of months now and we could see a massive difference within a week. The limescale has disappeared from the shower-heads and shower doors. The staining is gone from the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. It is a lot easier to keep the house clean. The S2000 filter tap is great and we use it to make the babies bottles and we are drinking more water. There has also been a great improvement in the kettle. The clothes from the washing machine also seem to be much better. The engineer that installed the unit was very clean & tidy and respectful in our home. We would recommend EWT & the water softener to anyone with limescale problems. Pat McGrath,Cherry Close, Ferrybank, Waterford

    Pat McGrath , Ferrybank, Waterford

    I've only had the water softener installed 3 days and already finding the benefits. Being able to drink clean water is great. I'm looking forward to the rest of the benefits, clean shower, toilets, and knowing the washing machine, dishwasher,boiler won't be damaged any further due to the hard water we have being having for years. Should have had this done years ago it was a great investment.

    Neil Martin , Termonfeckin

    22yrs i ve been living in this town. The quality of water in town,was undrinkable- I had the water system installed, within days of phonecall,and could see the effects almost straigh away. No more paying @ 450-for two showers a year. I should have though about it years ago.

    Anna Cleary , Mountmellick

    I was very please with this product, simple to install and use, does what it says on the tin. Regards Lorraine

    Mrs Lorraine Lovell , maidstone

    I bought EW Technologies Water Softener in October the results have been amazing the since then. The Lime scale has greatly reduced from my home. My showers are cleaner with no more residue. My cup of tea tastes amazing without the Lime scale in the bottom of my cup. I would highly recommend the system.

    Cliona Flood , Rathangan

    My tea is so much nicer and the kettle is clear. The clothes come out of the wash smelling lovely and feeling soft, we are also getting longer from our fill of oil heating. The sink is shiny and we have bubbles in the bath now :)

    Geraldene Brady , Ballivor

    This is good value for money as there are no limescale in my kettle, shower head as well as my washing machine. I previously have to de-scale my kettle and shower head regularly but not any more. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends.

    Titi Sokan , Clogherhead, Co. Louth

    The EWT water softener is fantastic. The RO drinking water is fabulous and tastes so good. The shower doors, sinks, taps are clear of limescale which is great we dont get that horrible build-up which means less cleaning. The kettle is great and now we can have a perfect cup of tea. The clothes come out of the washing machine softer and less crinkled. I have to say the unit is excellent Peter Stuart, Preston Park, Julianstown, Meath

    Peter Stuart , Julianstown

    Ive seen a huge improvement in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. I live in a very hard water area. My showerhead clogged up every week before I got the system. I dont have any trouble like that anymore. The lime is completely gone out of my water. Ive really seen the difference in the kitchen. The glass on the kettle is completely clear now whereas before it was covered in lime. Its also reassuring to know the water softener is really benefiting my heating, pipes and appliances, reducing the amount of wear and tear. Im happy with my softener and Ive had no problems with EWT.

    Paddy ODwyer , Ratoath

    I am so impressed with EWT follow ups and the results i have seen in my house. The guy who installed the unit was great. Since having the softener installed i no longer have any limescale build up, my kettle is perfect. The S2000 drinking water is perfect i no longer have to buy bottled water, as a result i save money. My shower door used to be so bad now it is clear and clean. The dishes in the dishwasher have no more stains on them. I am so happy with the softener and EWT.

    Yvonne Carroll , Co Tipperary

    It took a while for me to decide if I would get a water softener in. One month after getting the system in place I can honestly say it is a brilliant system. You do not realise how bad your water may be. The glass of shower doors stay clean, the quality of the drinking water is excellent and there is no scum on top of tea and coffee. Well worth the investment.

    Conor Brennan , Maynooth

    We recently got our water softener and filter installed by EWT and the results have been amazing. We have great tasting water again. Our showers are more worthwhile in relation to shampoo usage etc and the difference was noticeable in less than a week for us. The service was fantastic and all was installed in a clean and friendly manner in less than an hour. Customer service was 100% and the installer was even 20 minutes earlier than his appointment time. Very impressed with the clean service and how everything was explained. We have two friends now interested in changing and have been recommending EWT to everybody that comes to our house. Well done on a fantastic service and product.

    Joanne and Damien Dunn , Lusk

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed there has been a huge change in the house. Our shower doors and shower heads have cleaned themselves out and there is no residue or buildup of lime anymore on the sinks and taps. Our skin and hair are in much better condition and softer. All of my appliances are working better it is especially noticeable in the washing machine, before we got the softener our clothes would be very dull and didn't feel clean. That has all changed the clothes smell fresh & clean and our whites are much brighter. I don't spend half the time I used to cleaning the house as it much easier and less of an effort. I recommended the softener to friends & family, we are extremely happy we got the units installed

    Michelle Nolan , Athy

    "We have had the EWT water softener installed a couple of months now and so far so good. The shower doors were very stained before and now they are a lot easier to keep clean. The bathroom & kitchen sinks are great you just have to wipe them and they are clean, before there were always water marks on them. The engineer that installed the unit was great he was very neat and tidy. Overall we are very happy we got the unit installed" Resident, Maelduin, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

    Resident Maelduin , Dunshaughlin

    The water softener is great. The kettle has no limescale in it any more. The drinking water tastes a lot better. Theres no new build up of limescale. I spend less time cleaning. I save money on not buying appliances. I drink more water from the S2000. My water is softer. My clothes come out of the washing machine softer and smelling fresher. Im very pleased with the service that EWT have giving me.

    Kathrina Moloney , Clonsilla

    The difference in the quality of my water is incredible since I got the EWT water softener installed. My draining board used to be covered in a white chalky residue if I left my dishes to dry. That doesnt happen now. Before cleaning my showerhead was a weekly chore. It used to get clogged up with limescale but now I dont need to clean that either. Even little things like washing the car or my bikes are so much easier. They dry streak free. These are just the benefits I can see. The EWT system is also benefiting my machines and heating system. Its well worth getting the system installed. Phil Baker, Portarlington, Co. Laois

    Phil Baker , Portarlington, Co. Laois

    Since my EWT water softener was installed our water quality is great – it even has a silky clean feel to it. Theres no more lime so I dont need to scrub around the taps and the showerhead doesnt clog anymore. My clothes and hair are in better condition and they feel much softer. The installer was excellent and the service I received really couldnt have been better.

    Kay Kearns , Navan

    "We got the EWT water softener installed a few months ago and it's the best thing I ever did. Within hours we could see a difference around the sinks & taps. The shower-head is limescale free and the shower doors are clean. The shower itself is running like new. The clothes are coming out of the washing machine softer and smell lovely and clean. The whites are coming out white instead of dull & gray. I use less detergent which is great so Im saving money. The S2000 filter drinking tap is fantastic we are all drinking much more water even my son is drinking water which he wouldn't do before. The engineer that installed the unit was fantastic. I have recommended the softener and EWT to family, friends and neighbours. I have to say it's the best money I've spent this year!"

    Georgina O'Neill , Kildare Town

    should of done this years more limescale :-) Does what it says on the tin!!

    Gerard McCann , Newmarket
  • 28/11/13 I'd just bought the house and I was aware that hard water was an issue. Thought I'd get over it and just live with it. However, I'd bought a new kettle and could see the specks of lime appearing after the first boil. Clothes weren't washing properly in the water due to the lack of suds. I even noticed showers weren't great. Turns out I wasn't able to live with it, so 3 weeks after moving in I ordered the water softener system. Best thing that I've ever bought. Impact is instant. Suddenly I can actually see suds in the washing machine with a quarter of the detergent. Kettle is gleaming. Showers are great again. Also gave me a filter for drinking water which is great because i go through gallons cycling. Very impressed with the installation too. The engineerl worked away while I was painting an outdoor fence! Very tidy job and very friendly. If you're in two minds about getting one installed, just go ahead and do it asap. Won't regret it.

    James Murphy , Midleton

    6/5/14 Once the gold series water softener was installed our water was much better - felt much softer on your skin after a shower and we saved a lot not having to buy bottled water anymore.

    Oonagh Milne , Duleek

    technician was efficient, supportive and knowledgeable helpline was very responsive and clear water quality improve straightaway and now I don't have to clean up the lime scale every week !!!

    anthony yiu , fermoy

    Since we got the EWT water softener system installed my partner says he hasnt had to unclog the showerhead. We used to have big problems with limescale in our shower. Now when I wash my hair it feels cleaner and lighter. Another big benefit was the filtered tap we got with our system. Now I can drink my water and not have to worry about whats in it.Charlotte Reed, Maelduin, Dunshaughlin, Meath

    Charlotte Reed , Dunshaughlin

    Water is very hard in our area so I got a machine fitted last June noticed the difference in a few days with dishwasher and washing machine We are also very happy with the drinking water tap and filter that was also fitted . I have just purchased a second unit (march 2013) for a property I rent out. I have recommended unit to friends of which I know two have since purchased the water softener and are very satisfied.

    Ron Wilkinson , wexford

    Its all the little things that overall have made a big improvement to the running of our house. Our water was very hard before. There was a buildup of lime in our shower, appliances and machines. I first noticed the difference in our shower. The water even feels softer. My hair feels better and my shower doors stay clean. I dont need to buy any calgone tablets or de-scalers anymore and my appliances are working more efficiently. I found the whole service very good and Ive absolutely no complaints.

    Maria Rumble , Clonmel

    20/5/14 First class company to deal with. We have seen a vast improvement in our water quality and would highly recommend the Gold Series to anybody that has limescale problems. I am very happy with the service from EWT.

    John O' Sullivan , Ladysbridge

    I can really feel the softness in our water since I got the EWT water softener installed. I had a bit of dry skin before but now it has really improved. My shower unit and taps used to be constantly scaled up with lime and very difficult to clean. Now I hardly spend any time cleaning the shower or the kitchen. Since installation there really is no limescale. When our water softener was fitted everything ran very smoothly and Ive had no problems since.

    Carmel McDonnell , Navan

    Since we got the EWT water softener installed we have seen a difference in the house. The shower heads & shower doors have improved greatly the limescale build-up before we got the softener was very bad. The kettle is completely clear of any limescale. The feel of the water on our skin & hair is very smooth. I'm very happy we decided to get the unit installed and would recommend it to friends & family

    Teresa Curran , Dunsany, Meath

    Very impressive service,arrived on time and installation was excellent.I am very happy with the water system and saw changes within days.It is so neat that it is tucked away in my cupboard.

    Enda Pigott , Monasterevin

    Wish we had bought this years ago. The softner is great we noticed the difference very soon after installation. Our showers are running better and our skin is less dry. We love the water filter too. Great product and service.

    Jane O'Donoghue , Dunleer

    I have suffered with an itchy/dry scalp,dry patches of skin since i moved to my house 2 years ago. I contacted EWT and they where very understanding,had a softener fitted on Thursday,drained off my cistern in the loft and then let it fill with soften water the same day i showered and cleaned my stainless sink in the kitchen and now no itchy scalp or limescale marks on the sink. I worked For a water company for 40 years in England and must say should have had this fitted when i first mover here.

    Patrick Christmas , Ferbane

    I would highly recommend EWT. My water softener system definitely does work. I have noticed that soap lathers more easily and I now use far less shower gel. I dont have to de-scale the showerhead or kettle anymore and my machines will last longer. I find since the EWT system was installed the house heats a lot quicker and stays warmer longer. The engineers are informative, courteous and friendly. Tony Byrne, Grange Grove, Stamullen

    Tony Byrne , Stamullen

    9th Sept 2013 Since having the Water Softener installed we can all see and feel the difference with the water. I used to spend over 10 Euro a week buying bottles of water for drinking, cooking and making tea/coffee, since having the Water Softener installed I am saving money and no more heavy bags to carry home from the shops. You can feel the difference on your skin it feels silky and the difference in our hair is amazing. No more Limescale marks around the bathroom/kitchen, the bathroom/kitchen gets cleaned in half the time it used to take me, no more white marks on the shower door, less elbow grease needed to get it cleaned. Overall I am very please with the Water Softener best money I ever spent, sorry I did not get in in years ago.

    Jackie Caffrey , Priory Road, Navan

    We got the water softener installed a few weeks ago and the difference already is incredible. The dishes come out of the dishwasher so much shinier, no mare lime build up in the kettle and everything is so much easier to clean. The installation process was very quick and professional i would definately recommend this system.

    Suzanna Roach , Kildangan

    Since getting the EWT water softener everything is going very well. The shower heads and shower doors are so much cleaner. We even find that our skin and hair is softer after a shower and we dont have to use as much shampoos or shower gels. The kettle is fantastic its clean and clear. The clothes are coming out of the washing machine nice and clean. The engineer that installed the unit was fantastic, he was clean & efficient – 100% nice guy. Eoin Wright, Tullyesker, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

    Eoin Wright , Drogheda

    The EWT water softener has made a big difference in the house since it was installed. Our shower doors are clean and clear of lime, before we had the softener I would have to use de-scaling products to get them clean. The shower head is also lime free. The limescale build-up around the sinks and taps has disappeared. My hair feels softer as does my skin. As I don't buy limescale removal products or bottled water anymore I am saving money

    Edele Gethin , Kildalkey

    I am delighted with my water softener and RO drinking system. It has made a massive difference already! NO limescale build up at all, which was destroying all appliances. Water is much softer in shower and skin is not as dry as before. Cleaning is much easier too. And I have saved money as I no longer have to buy bottled water. EWT were so easy to deal with and so professional and efficient in organising and installing the units. Best investment I have made in the home and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

    Alan , Ballivor

    One month since we had the water softener and filter installed.I am so happy with the change in my water since having EWT install it. There is no new build-up of limescale on the taps or around the sinks,the water tastes great. Would recommend it to anyone

    Arturas Vaicikasukas , Lusk

    So far so good. NO complaints.

    David mcGuirk , Balbriggan

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed the reduction in limescale has been fantastic. The biggest improvement has been the shower heads and shower doors. The kitchen sink draining board was very dull and full of limescale and that has improved greatly and now has a shine again. The taps and sink in the kitchen are limescale free and a lot easier to keep clean. I have to say we are very pleased with the results. Our skin and hair are much softer as well. The water from the S2000 drinking filter tap tastes much better. The engineer that installed the unit was fantastic he was very clean and tidy and had a lovely manner. I would give top marks for a job well done. I have recommended EWT to friends and family and I am very pleased I decided to get the units installed. Ger OByrne, Dunromin, Ferrybank, Waterford

    Ger O'Byrne , Ferrybank, Waterford

    I would definally recommend EWT water softener it is the best thing we ever got installed. The tea is amazing no more lime in the bottom of your cup. I find i no longer have to clean as much as i used to due to no limescale build up. My biggest benefit since getting the softener is the drinking water it is great. The water in the shower is a lot softener then before.

    William Mynes , Drogheda

    " I am very satisfied with the installation of the EWT water softener and staff who carried out the install. I can already see a big difference in the reduction of limescale in the shower and around the taps, the limescale discolouration is gone. I noticed the texture of the water had changed straight away, the water feels much softer. The washing machine detergent even lathers up more. I would recommend EWT and the water softener to friends & family" M. Cummins, Mayne, Clougherhead, Co. Louth

    M Cummins , Clogherhead, Louth

    Our system was fitted about a month ago. Sure to the fitters word we are now enjoying clear and clean water everywhere in the house. We have suffered on for years with Iron/limescale and what ever else was in the water replacing kettles, washing machines,and dish washers. After reading Water specialists add in the news paper i thought that for the price quoted it was too goo to be true. How wrong was i....cheers to everyone involved in your company, great job well done Ger KInsella

    Gerard KInsella , Athboy

    It feels like we are in a new house. The quality of the drinking water is exceptional. The limescale is gone from all showers, bathrooms and the kettle looks new. There is great savings been made on cleaning products etc. Sorry I did not get it sooner. Best thing we ever got.

    jj grace , Athy

    14th October 2013 We have only got the water softener installed recently, but we can see the results already. The sink is so much cleaner, there is no limescale on it at all. The dishwasher runs with much better results too. I cannot wait for our full system to be washed out of the old and hard water, to get these results everywhere! The service was brilliant, the installer was on time, and did a brilliant, quick and clean job. He was very friendly and efficient. I can only recommend him and the company's product to everyone.

    Kriszti Varga Werner , Ashbourne

    In the four years before the water softener was installed we replaced two washing machines, one dishwasher and on average two kettles per year due to the limescale. We havent had any problem with our washing machine since. We noticed the difference within a week of having the water softener installed, from cleaning the shower and taps to the softness of our skin and hair. The shampoo and shower gels lather so much more and we dont have to buy as much cleaning products. The installation of the water softener was great & so is the after sales service. Even the drinking water tastes so much better now.

    Sandra Farrell , Ashbourne

    Hi, I was extremely happy with the installation of our water system. It wasnt a straight foward job but gentleman that fitted the system was professional and patient. It took 3 hrs but he did a great job and left everything neat and tidy.

    Melissa carthy , Longwood

    It was easy to organise, the first point of contact was extremely patient and helpful. The guy who came to do the installation was equally patient and helpful, as ours is an old house and I had been unable to find the stopcock. He did, we worked out the best place to leave the equipment and he did the job quickly and well. Best of all is the product itself. We can feel the difference in showers, in tea, in the kettles and will obviously do the same with the pipes, washing machines etc. The free distilled water is very welcome too - we had been spending a lot of money buying water. I couldn't recommend this enough.

    Daragh O Conchuir , Portarlington

    We have the EWT water softener in the house about 3yrs now and all seems to working fine. We are happy with the results of the water softener so far. I had to replace 3 elements in the dishwasher before we installed the unit and thankfully that hasnt happened since. The RO drinking unit is great and we use it all the time. The engineer that installed the system was good and I would recommend EWT no problem.John Glennon, Moynavly Manor, Summerhill, Co. Meath

    John Glennon , Summerhill
  • The quality of water we had before the EWT water softener system was installed is absolutely no comparison to the quality of water we have now. There has been a dramatic difference. Limescale was a nightmare for us before. Now our shower, sinks, toilets and kettle are all really clean and lime limescale free. I would highly recommend the EWT system to anyone with limescale problems.

    A. Kennedy , Enfield

    "Since getting the EWT water softener installed I have to say we are quite happy. The lime scale decline in the house is fantastic. The showers, sinks, taps etc are lime free. Our kettle is like new and we can have a decent cup of tea & coffee now. All the appliances are running so much better and our skin and hair feel so much softer. The S2000 drinking filter that came with the unit is fantastic we are drinking a lot more water since it was installed. The service from EWT is great and the engineer who installed the unit was a very nice man clean, neat, tidy & very friendly. I am just sorry I didn't get it sooner. I would have no problem recommending the units or EWT as a company". Stella Williams, Starville House, Williamstown, Co. Galway

    Stella Williams , Williamstown, Galway

    We have EWT water softener system for the last three years. At first it worked well. It has been serviced by EWT. In the last number of months we have been having problems with the unit. The service engineer has been here but problems still not resolved. Having contacted EWT again I was told service engineer would call between 10 am and 1pm on 2/10/14. Got a call from engineer late afternoon to say he would be here at 4.30 to repair unit. I told him that a repair would not be acceptable as we have had previous problems with this unit. Also contacted office in Galway to inform them of same. Still waiting for reply.

    Francis Moore , Swinford

    14th October 2013 We had our gold series water softener installed just over 1 month ago and in such a small length of time we are already seeing the benefits. Softer skin after showers. Softer clothes. Crystal clear drinking water. Not a single sign of limescale on taps and shower doors. And of course a better tasting cup of tea. Best money we ever spent

    Michael larkin , Portlaoise

    The installer was on time and very friendly. We didn't realise that you couldn't use laser/credit card after 6pm, but they allowed us to ring with payment the following morning. Noticed a difference in the water within the first week. You can feel the difference in the water and the limescale build-up on the shower door/taps is much better already.I would highly recommend to anyone who has limescale problems to get one installed, well worth the money and it`s the best investment you`ll ever make with 100% no doubts in your mind.

    Colm White , Kildare Town

    The lime is gone ,drinking water is crisp & clean,cleaning is so much easier well done EWT . Regards Andrew

    Andrew Mc loughlin , Bettystown

    I had the softener & S2000 filter tap that came FREE with softener installed recently. The difference in the quality of my water since getting these units installed is brilliant. My washing machine produces much cleaner and softer clothes, my dishes & cutlery are sparkling clean its great! I use less washing detergents saving me money. My kettle is completely free from limescale too. We drink a lot more water since getting the FREE drinking unit installed and again Im saving money. My taps & sinks have no new limescale build up. I am spending less time & effort on cleaning now

    Nicola Ali , Balbriggan

    23/6/14 I've had the EWT Gold Series system in my house nearly two years now. What can I say. It's fantastic. Before getting it installed we would clean our kettle every day. Shower head every week. We have no problems at all now with limescale. Our shopping bill has been reduced because we don't use nearly half the amount of detergent, shampoo and cleaning products. So we will have made back our money by now. I have recommended it to friends, one of which who had it installed with great results. Please don't wait. Get it today!

    Valerie Heasley , Grangebellew

    Best thing i ever purchased. There is such a difference in the water. Hugh limescale problem in Balbriggan but since i got the system in there is an amazing difference. Washing clothes, showers, boiling the kettle. Best device, would totally recommend.

    Paula , Balbriggan

    We live in an area where the water is very aggressive and have had to replace a heat exchanger in our boiler and a washing machine at considerable cost, so we decided to have an EWT water softener fitted and we noticed a difference straight away, from the feel of the water to the touch, even the tea and coffee tastes much better. Our 3 year old son has eczema and since the softener was fitted his skin improved within weeks and is now less dry and irritated. We cleaned the limescale from the taps and It has not returned overall i am happy with the water system.

    Kevin Ward , Bettystown

    We have this RO in since July and i have never drank as much water in my life its so good tea is better it is one of the best purchase I have made in years infact even bottled water has no taste now I could not recommend this more great service great back up service I would highly recommend this company and product

    Brendan , Naas, kildare

    Sept 5th 2013 To be honest I have noticed a massive improvement in the quality of the water into the house so much so I have even recommended it to my neighbours who are passing on the word. All I can say is if you have teenagers who think they are fish and water is an endless supply the EWT GOLD Series is a great investment especially when the cost of a shower every two years balances out the cost of water treatment in two years and the endless washing and cost of washing machines there really is no comparison, its a done deal in my books.

    Orlagh Murphy , Monasterevin

    Have EWT water softener installed 2 months now, and really seeing the benefits. Cleaning the shower is much easier and saving a lot on washing machine products. Would strongly recommend this to family and friends.

    Gladys Eagleton , Bettystown

    Got a water softner in May. Now it's leaking water and floor is all wet. Have made several calls to EWT and promised several times that a technician would be out to fix....still waiting. Very poor customer service.

    ken moloney , bruff

    There is a big difference in my house since getting the water softener installed. I no longer have to scrub the shower door or taps it used to take me a very long time to clean. I use 50% less detergents then i used to. My shower and sinks are shinning with the cleaness of them now.

    Peggy Pinhao , Bettystown

    "Since we had the EWT water softener installed the difference is fantastic. We had huge problems with lime scale but that has all changed before we had the unit installed I was replacing the kettle and the iron and now they are perfect. The RO drinking system is fabulous the water tastes so nice. The engineer who installed the unit was very clean & tidy. I am very happy we got the units installed." Nuala Boushel, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

    Nuala Boushel , Castleknock

    The EWT water softener is very good; the reduction of limescale in the house is amazing. The shower doors are clean and free of lime. There is no limescale staining around the sinks and taps in the house either, this makes cleaning a lot easier and it takes less of my time and effort. The dishwasher is great the glass wear, cups and dishes are very clean. I have a Britta Filter Kettle and I used to buy filters all the time, since we got the softener I haven't replaced them at all

    Rowat's , Kildalkey

    Having just had the water softener installed it's amazing the difference it has made. We see it everyday in the kettle and the difference is really noticeable.

    Anthony Carey , Lusk

    We have just today 30/11/15 had the EWT Gold Series softened water system inserted into our home. We are very satisfied with the work of the company engineer Paul. He was efficient and very informative on the process, giving us excellent tips and advice. We are looking forward to receiving lime-free water in our home. We are hoping for happy water solutions into the future.

    Kevin McGeeney , Athleague

    18/2/14 So pleased with our gold series water softener. Its only one week installed it has made such a difference to our water supply. The showerhead has started spraying again, the kettle is sparkling clean, the free drinking water is so nice, washing has become much easier with softer water. Good bye limescale, also your engineer was very helpful, I have already told several of my friends about your wonderful company.Michael Kelly craughwell

    michael kelly , craughwell

    one of the best investments for our new home.such a difference since installation 3 weeks ago,no more buying water which was costing us 400 euros a year.drinking water quality is brilliant.less limescale ,especially on shower the half price offer which was great value.installation was prompt and efficient.have recommended to several people.

    SEAN NOLAN , Tipperary Town

    I just love the taste of the drinking water its very refreshing and it saves me money because i\'m no longer buying bottled water any more. I spend less time cleaning the limescale in the shower. My clothes in the washing machine are smelling fresher and feeling much softer as a result. I have noticed that when im in the shower the water is alot softer. My kettle used to be full of limescale now you wouldn\'t find one bit of limescale in the kettle. I have also noticed that i am using less washing powder and shower gels.

    Emma Carty , Pembrokestown

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed we have no complaints. There is a huge difference throughout the house. Cleaning is much easier and takes less time. The limescale has gone from the shower head and shower doors and the kettle is great. The drinking water is lovely and I dont buy bottled water anymore so I save money. The engineer that installed the unit was very good and I have no problem recommending the water softener to friends & family

    Mary Cronin , Castletownroche, Cork

    Theres no limescale in my house since getting the EWT water softener installed. I have noticed a big improvement of limescale on my taps and shower head they used to be clogged up now there clear. My kettle is limescale free. My dishes in the dishwasher come out a lot cleaner as a result. I get text message reminders to use salt when im running low and i have found the messages quite good. Darren Dunphy,The Court Sevitt Hall Darren Dunphy- Confirmed by email 12/9/12 Theres no limescale in my house since getting the EWT water softener installed. I have noticed a big improvement of limescale on my taps and shower head they used to be clogged up now there clear. My kettle is limescale free. My dishes in the dishwasher come out a lot cleaner as a result. I get text message reminders to use salt when im running low and i have found the messages quite good.

    Darren Dunphy , Bettystown

    we have spent 18 months considering EW water softener and finally with limescale chips in my tea we decided to bite the bullet. Instant response to beautiful drinking was smiles all round. i expected it would take a while to see results in appliances and showers etc. We have had a drip in the ensuite loo which leaves a limescale stain and is unsightly. within two days of the water softener being installed the stain had disappeared! No cleaning required anymore. The toilets were also cleaner looking - the grey cast that was always in the water disappeared with the arrival of the water softener. Amazingly, the powder dispenser in the washing machine was no longer lined with sludge. The limescale was so bad the powder and limescale tablet were not always diluted by the hot water and the fabric softener holder had to be cleaned weekly as it tended to be scummy. These problems are now a thing of the past. I'm seriously impressed with the new water softener and wish I had installed it last year. The gain is incredible, a soft water shower, clean appliances and Finally! A decent cup of tea or coffee without limescale chips. Ironing is better too as the steam no longer spews brown chips. Pat & Sile Seery

    Pat Seery ,

    Our EWT water softener is brilliant. It has made such a difference to the quality of water throughout the house. Our power shower is working properly now and the shower heads and doors have cleared themselves of limescale. The sinks & taps throughout the house are clean and clear of limescale with no build-up of lime anywhere. The clothes are clean and fresh when they come out of the washing machine and they feel soft especially the towels. I save money not buying limescale removal products, that don't work! Our kettle is clean and we can enjoy a decent cup of tea again

    Sharon Dowling , Kildalkey

    We met the EWT crew at the ideal homes exhibition. There were three other water companies there but EWT were the only ones that seemed to know what I wanted. So we decided to get their water softener installed and since then the water is much softer. We're using half as much soaps and detergents. I'm not throwing out kettles anymore and don't have the shower head clogging up like before.

    Richard Homes , Ratoath

    We purchased our water softener April 2011 and have not looked back since. All the limescale has gone from our kettle and washing machine and when it was put in first you noticed the different straight away. EWT also have a very good customer servive in particlur Margaret who helps in no end to make sure I get the service I require

    stephen molloy , Balbriggan

    There is no staining or residue on the bath, showers and sinks like theyre used to. We dont need to clean the showerhead, taps or kettle anymore and we use far less shampoo and shower gel. The tea tastes better with no residue on side of cups anymore. The installer carried out a clean & tidy job and they offer a very good back up service. Definitely money well spent.

    John Duffy , Ratoath

    Delighted with the product and service provided. The installer was highly competent and could not have been more helpful. All in all, would definitely recommend this product and the EW installation.

    Orla Mullin , Balrothery