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Loving it.

  • That was one if the best investments in my house. No more limescale. I spend less time cleaning the bathroom, sinks shower head and doors. No more limescale in the kettle. I would recommend EWT to anyone. Friendly staff, professional. I am very happy with the engineer. Great worker.

    Karina , Portarlington

    We are delighted we got the EWT water softener installed. The difference in the water is unbelievable the kettle has no lime in it any more. Our clothes are cleaner coming out of the washing machine and the Delphi is sparkling coming out of the dishwasher. I do less cleaning around the house. Theres no more build up of lime scale on my taps,sinks or shower head.

    Rachel Magee , limerick town

    Very Professional Job. Tea is back in fashion again.

    Tony O'Callaghan , Doneraile

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed I have noticed a big reduction of limescale in the house. The shower-heads and shower doors are much easier to keep clean. Cleaning around the house is much easier and I dont have any staining on the sinks & taps. I had the S2000 drinking filter installed as well and the water if fantastic from it. I used to buy bottled water all the time, not anymore so Im saving money. I drink from the tap all the time. The engineer that installed the water softener was very good. Im very happy I got the units installed Richie Butler, Cluaine Doire, Templemore, Co. Tipperary.

    Richie Butler , Templemore, Tipperary

    We have the EWT water softener installed a year now and the reduction in the limescale throughout the house has been very good. The shower heads and doors are much better and easier to keep clean. The sinks & taps in the bathrooms and kitchen dont have that limescale build-up anymore. The S2000 filter drinking tap is fantastic as it provides great drinking water on tap which saves me money as I dont have to buy bottled water. The engineer that installed the unit was very good, clean and tidy and knew what he was doing. The service EWT provides is excellent and I have no problem recommending them to family & friends. Peter Kirwan, Cloonlara Square, Pheonix Park Racecourse, Castleknock, D.15.

    Peter Kirwan , Castleknock

    I have to say getting the EWT 606 Gold Series water softener was a good send. We have noticed the difference in the dishwasher and washing clothes also we have a newborn so we don't have to worry about hard water on sensitive skin . I would recommend EWT to anyone.

    Declan Killeen , Athlone

    Our EWT water softener is brilliant. Ive noticed a massive difference throughout the house. Limescale is basically gone. I had to replace the dishwasher before because of limescale damage but now it works perfectly. Theres no limescale on the shower doors anymore and my clothes, skin and hair are all a lot softer. It was so simple to get installed like A,B,C, Im just sorry I didnt get the system installed sooner.

    Maria Smyth , Craughwell

    "The EWT water softener has made a difference to the house since getting it installed. The sinks, taps in the kitchen and bathroom are a lot easier to keep clean and the limscale water marks have gone from them. Our skin and hair are a lot softer after a shower. We love the S2000 drinking filter tap and we are drinking a lot more water from it. The engineer that installed the unit was very good, clean and very tidy. We have recommended the units to friends and family" Adrian Sheils, Brophy Terrace, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary

    Adrian Sheils , Roscrea, Tipperary

    There is definitely less limescale throughout the house ever since I got the EWT water softener installed. I first noticed the difference when I left our stainless steel pots to dry. Normally there would be marks left on the pots and our draining board would be covered in scum. That doesnt happen anymore. Our limescale was getting so bad it was at a stage where I had to unblock the shower head twice a week. Now I never have to clean it. My girlfriend found the hard water very harsh on her skin, now she says her hair and skin are a lot softer. The quality of our drinking water has really improved also. We never need to buy britta filters anymore. Theres less limescale in our kettle and we dont have that film on our tea. I found EWT customer service excellent. I was really impressed with the engineer that installed our system.

    Derek Roche , Bettystown

    We had problems with our showers and kettles and had to use Calgon in the washing machine before installing our EWT water softener a month ago. In the few years before the water softener was installed I replaced the dishwasher, the shower and I'm on my third kettle in the last two years due to the limescale. The installer carried out a great job even though it ended up being a bit trickier than usual - very calm, neat and professional (even had a sense of humour). The drinking water filter was installed also and I am no longer buying bottled water and best of all there's no film on top of my morning tea.

    Denise O'Donovan , Ballyleague

    Immediate results to be seen in drinking water, washing clothers & having a soft feeling to them and you can feel the difference when having a shower, im sure the dishwater will use less salt aswell...Im really see and know the difference, well worth the money....

    Michelle McLaughlin , Duleek

    We recently got our water softener and filter installed by EWT and the results have been amazing. We have great tasting water again. Our showers are more worthwhile in relation to shampoo usage etc and the difference was noticeable in less than a week for us. The service was fantastic and all was installed in a clean and friendly manner in less than an hour. Customer service was 100% and the installer was even 20 minutes earlier than his appointment time. Very impressed with the clean service and how everything was explained. We have two friends now interested in changing and have been recommending EWT to everybody that comes to our house. Well done on a fantastic service and product.

    Joanne and Damien Dunn , Lusk

    After moving from the Southside of Dublin to Swords, I found it unbearable having to shower. I would break out in a rash each time and my hair was so matted with minerals, that it was breaking and falling out. Shower time turned into traumatic time. One year later - getting a softening system is the best thing I could have ever done for the house and for my own sanity.

    Phil F , Swords

    We had problems with limescale in our water. I found the service from EWT was very prompt from our initial phone call to the installation. They were very helpful. We dont have limescale on the showerhead or taps anymore and they are a lot easier to clean. We now notice the difference in our tea, as there is no residue left on the side of the cups. I will definitely be recommending the EWT water softener to family and friends

    Karen Rothwell , Ratoath

    The biggest benefit Ive noticed since our EWT water softener System was installed is the improvement in my daughters skin. Before she would have suffered with dry skin but now her skin is clear and soft. I also find were saving money on our appliances, the shower head is not getting clogged with limescale as that water is now softened. The water from our taps tasted awful and now it is much better and refreshing. All my dealings with EWT were handled promptly and their employees are friendly and polite. Paul Hegarty , Ard Na Boinne, Dublin Rd, Trim, Meath

    Paul Hegarty , Trim

    7/5/14 We used to have very hard limescale which left a thick white film on the shower screen. Since fitting the EWT Gold Series Water softener the screen is now free of white film. The water also tastes better than before.

    Martin Pierce , Glencullen

    We would be lost without the EWT water softener. There is no more limescale build up around the shower door and the appliances dont clog up anymore. Its just so much easier to clean now. I use half the detergents and cleaning products I used to. Even the drinking water is so good now that we always fill up bottles and bring them with us before we go anywhere. Annabelle Grobbelaar, Norbury Woods Green, Tullamore, Co Offaly

    Anna Belle Grobbelaar , Tullamore, Offaly

    9/4/14 The Gold Series is a great product.We have been using this water softener for the last two months and the quality of our tea and coffee has improved. Also showering is now a pleasure with no more limescale on the door or showerhead.

    michael alcock , portarlington

    We are enjoying the benefits of our ewt system since it has been installed,no more limescale build up on the kettle element,washing machine etc. We also have lovely drinking water due to the filter system,already find myself saving money.Also the guy who installed the system was great made sure I was happy and knew how the system worked before he left. very neat and tidy work.The best decision i have made,I would definitely recommended EWT to anybody.

    Brian O Neill , Slane

    Since I got the EWT Gold 500 installed in March 2013 I have not looked back. Only sorry I did not install it sooner. The difference in all my home appliance's is remarkable. I have recommended EWT to a lot of my friends some have already had it installed and others are strongly thinking about it.

    Marie Slater , Dunshaughlin

    In the four years before the water softener was installed we replaced two washing machines, one dishwasher and on average two kettles per year due to the limescale. We havent had any problem with our washing machine since. We noticed the difference within a week of having the water softener installed, from cleaning the shower and taps to the softness of our skin and hair. The shampoo and shower gels lather so much more and we dont have to buy as much cleaning products. The installation of the water softener was great & so is the after sales service. Even the drinking water tastes so much better now.

    Sandra Farrell , Ashbourne

    My water is so good since I got the EWT Gold Series water softener. My hair feels better and there is no limescale build up in my kettle anymore.

    Clare Connolly , Mornington

    " I am very satisfied with the installation of the EWT water softener and staff who carried out the install. I can already see a big difference in the reduction of limescale in the shower and around the taps, the limescale discolouration is gone. I noticed the texture of the water had changed straight away, the water feels much softer. The washing machine detergent even lathers up more. I would recommend EWT and the water softener to friends & family" M. Cummins, Mayne, Clougherhead, Co. Louth

    M Cummins , Clogherhead, Louth

    Fantastic! No more limescale, and no more bottled water. We're extremely happy,

    willam downey , Bettystown

    Sept 5th 2013 To be honest I have noticed a massive improvement in the quality of the water into the house so much so I have even recommended it to my neighbours who are passing on the word. All I can say is if you have teenagers who think they are fish and water is an endless supply the EWT GOLD Series is a great investment especially when the cost of a shower every two years balances out the cost of water treatment in two years and the endless washing and cost of washing machines there really is no comparison, its a done deal in my books.

    Orlagh Murphy , Monasterevin

    I have seen a huge improvement in our water system, after having showers we are not as itchy and the laundry is coming out softer.

    Paula Martin , Ashbourne, Co. Meath

    After only 4 weeks post EWT water Softener it was 'clear' to see the difference on the the kettle and the shower doors. we used to have a serious issue with limescale,which required almost daily cleaning of said kettle and shower doors, but after 4 weeks using the EWT system,we no longer have to go to all the bother. Also my wife reckons the tea has never tasted so good. LOL. I would have no problems recommending this system to friends, good customer service, quick installation and excellent results!!!!!!!!!

    Aiden Doyle , Carrickboy, Longford

    There is only one word to describe the quality of the water in Dunshaghlin - DISGUSTING! The taste was terrible and the water had more limescale in it than the cliffs of Moher! We were therefore buying bottled water for our staff and lots of filters for the filter jug we used - all costing us a fortune. Then we called EWT and they installed a water filter system in our office and a filtered water dispenser too. The water is now amazing, our staff are delighted and we're saving money! We were so impressed that we then installed the same system and the full water softener system at home. We now enjoy tasty and soft water at home, which means softer clothes, less cleaning and even shaving is easier and more comfortable. All in all great products and even better customer service!

    Franco De Bonis , Dunshaughlin

    I love the water softener because my house is limescale free. I spend less time cleaning. The water is softer. Our clothes are cleaner out of the washing machine and the delph is sparkling coming out of the dishwasher. My biggest benefit for having the softener installed would be that all the limescale has cleared from my shower head and shower door. The sinks and taps have also cleared of limescale.

    Monica Leydon , Clonmel

    The EWT water softener is brilliant. The results are fantastic. The limescale is completely gone from the showerheads and shower doors. The dishes are sparkling from the dishwasher. Cleaning takes far less time, with just a quick wipe and I'm done. The clothes smell clean and fresh when washed. The feel of the water is lovely & smooth. Our detergents, shampoos & shower gels lather up quick and easy, using a lot less quantities. The only regret is that I did not get this installed sooner"

    Edel Gallagher , Ashbourne
  • Best investment should have got it years ago,instant improvement in limescale no more de-scaling the kettle. Cleaning takes half the time. very pleased

    Eithne O Connell , Kilmallock

    Prior to installing the unit we had a lot of limescale in the kettle, the shower doors had scale all over them and since installing, the kettle is perfect and we don't have a problem with the shower doors, everything is much easier to clean

    Antoinette Quinn , Tulla

    Absolutely delighted with our EWT Water Softener, the sinks are much cleaner, and I am actually amazed with the difference in our kettle. Previously within a day or two of cleaning our kettle, it would be covered in limescale, now it is clean all of the time and tea & coffee taste so much better. With that in mind I can only imagine how much good it must be doing for our other major electical appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher and heating system. At the end of the day most of us would much rather that we didn't have to get a water softening system fitted, however if you do you will not go wrong with an EWT water softener.

    Niall Gilmartin , Rathbride Close, Kildare Town

    "We have the EWT water softener for a couple of months and the difference it has made is amazing. No more limescale in the shower, soft clothes form the washing machine and can make a cup of tea wthout lumps of limescale. Makes sleaning bathrooms and kitchen much easier. The water from the s2000 filter tap into a jug and chilled, better than any bottled water. Also have to say that the installation was carried out perfectly, put the outdoor unit exactly wher we wanted it, no fuss, and tidied up everything. All this after arriving bang on time.

    Dave Byrne , Moyle Big, Carlow

    I would like to thank EWT for their professional and friendly service. They came as arranged and the installer was extremely helpful and explained everything to me. Everything was fitted in neatly as I am in an apartment with not much space and no mess was left. It is great to be able to drink water from the tap and no limescale left on the doors from showering. My hair and skin feel much softer as well. I would highly recommend EWT. Thank you for a great service.

    Annette Collins , Clonee

    "Our water was exteremly bad with limescale, the electric shower had to be replaced after 2 yrs, our taps, water tank and kettle were covered in limescale, our bathrooms were hard to keep clean also and clothes were not coming out clean in wash so we decided to get a water softener from EWT, we found the customer service excellant and product was fitted effeciently, we are delighted with the results so far, the kettle is still perfectly clean (over a month later)and the shower door is also perfect, I think the EWT water softener's are a must for any house that has a problem with limescale, we also got a filter tap installed for drinking water which is very usefull." Cathleen Ivers, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo

    Cathleen Ivers , Kiltimagh, Mayo

    Just recently got the water softener installed and already I notice a big difference in the quality of the water. The water feels different and tastes better. The installation was very neat and quick. Almost immediately I found a big improvement in the water. The kettle is cleaner on the inside and even the dishes coming out of the dishwasher are much cleaner. Just think of what it's doing to the heating elements in all the household appliances.

    Chris Hallissey , Leixlip

    Had my EWT Softener fitted some weeks back from week one there was a massive difference in our water. Without a doubt one of our best decisions. Everything that water runs through is preforming better than ever no more lime scale cleaners all the family noticed the difference. Their hair,skin,clothes wonderful. Change is the hardest thing to do but I am delighted I did. The workmanship was second to none I have no problem recommending EWT.

    George Mooney , Ballivor

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    PactGalay , Willowton

    There has been no limescale build up in my house since getting EWT water softener installed. My kettle is spotless inside and i can now enjoy having a nice cup of tea. My sink,taps and shower head is now limescale free. The water throughout my house is a lot softer. I use less detergents and spend less time cleaning. My clothes even come out of the washing feeling softer. I'm happy i got the softener installed. My benefit since i got the softener installed is i no longer have to clean the shower head or kettle once a week.

    Niall & Elizabeth Lynch , Monasterevin

    Super Machine , fits in neatly and looks the part ! Water tastes super and staff happy they dont need to purchase any more bottled Water!

    Amanda O'Connor , Dunlaoghaire

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed there has been a huge change in the house. Our shower doors and shower heads have cleaned themselves out and there is no residue or buildup of lime anymore on the sinks and taps. Our skin and hair are in much better condition and softer. All of my appliances are working better it is especially noticeable in the washing machine, before we got the softener our clothes would be very dull and didn't feel clean. That has all changed the clothes smell fresh & clean and our whites are much brighter. I don't spend half the time I used to cleaning the house as it much easier and less of an effort. I recommended the softener to friends & family, we are extremely happy we got the units installed

    Michelle Nolan , Athy

    I couldnt manage without my EWT water softener now. The quality of our water is a million times better. We have no limescale problems and all the limescale damage that was done to our machines before we had the water softener has been reversed. Theres just such a difference. I dont have to worry about the hard water on my kids skin. One of my children used to have a bit of eczema but now its really improved now. Im saving money on cleaning products, not replacing my appliances and bottled water. The biggest benefit of having the EWT system is even just the little things. If I want to make a few cups of tea now I dont have the hassle of constantly refilling the filter. The whole house is just running smother. I would definitely recommend EWT to anyone.

    Mary Troy , Ballivor

    We got our water softener about 3 months ago and have to say we are very pleased.Our shower is much cleaner now that we got our water softener installed and has made a great differance to all other appliances around the house like the dishwasher and washing machine no more limescale build up. THANK YOU EWT

    siobhan oloughlin , Tuam

    Ive definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. There is less limescale throughout the house. The kettle is cleaner and I dont have to worry about replacing my showerhead or any of my appliances. Ive even noticed my dishwasher is working more efficiently. The dishes are much cleaner than before I had the water softener. Another big benefit for me is the filtered drinking tap. My tea even tastes better.

    Kevin OConnor , Ratoath

    Since the EWT water softener was installed we have noticed a huge decline in the lime scale in the house. The difference in the shower doors and shower heads is great, the shower heads were always clogging up we dont have that problem now. Our skin and hair is a lot softer after a shower. The kettle is great we dont get that film on top of the tea anymore and when we wash the dishes they are clear of stains. We are drinking a lot more water since the S2000 drinking tap was installed and young lads especially which is good. We are very happy we got it in and the engineer was very good and it turned out that I have known him a long time. I would have no problem recommending EWT. Gearoid Mahon, Kilcurriff, Cummer, Tuam, Co. Galway

    Gearoid Mahon , Tuam

    We have had the water softener for around 6 weeks now and it has already made a huge difference. The drinking water is great and we are already starting to save money. We estimated we used to spend around 300 euro a year on bottled water. Now we don't need to. I have noticed a difference in the shower and in my hair after washing it. It is now much softer. There has been a real change in the clothes too after washing them. They are much softer and I think they get cleaner too. We are very happy we got this in and I have already recommended It to others.

    Aisling Fraser , Balbriggan

    I noticed the reduction in limescale straight away. Much easier to keep showerscreen clean and the toilets have no more limescale build up. Excellent product.

    Nigel Hugo , Corofin

    We got the EWT water softener installed a couple of months ago and you can really notice the difference. Our skin and hair are much softer and we are using less products in the shower and they lather up very easily now. We find that the clothes from the washing machine are softer and the solid/powder detergent doesnt cake onto the clothes anymore and we dont have to use Calgon tablets anymore in the washing machine. The drinking tap is great, we would use a Britta filter before now we just have to use the drinking tap. The engineer that installed the unit was very good he was prompt & efficient and very helpful when showing me how to set it up. I have to say the unit was great value for money , Killegland House, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

    Bernard Flaherty , Ashbourne

    Ive especially noticed less limescale in the shower. Before my water softener was installed cleaning the shower doors was such a hassle. They never stayed cleaned. Now its completely different. Now they stay clean and scum free. Our water was really bad before, the EWT water softener has just made such a difference. Now I can enjoy a nice cup of tea and Ive even noticed my glasses are streak free.

    Pascal Farrell , Enfield

    "I had the EWT water softener installed recently and it is working very well. I have noticed a massive difference in the amount of lime scale throughout the house. I am drinking more water from the S2000 drinking tap that was installed with the softener. The engineer that installed the unit was very good, clean & tidy. The whole job was 100%. I have recommended the water softener to friends and family and I am very happy I made the decision to get it installed." Mark Cody, The Paddocks, Carlow Town, Carlow

    Mark Cody , Carlow Town

    Its the best thing i ever bought for the house,from the softness of the water in the shower to the clean taps.. i have saved money not buying bottled water as the drinking water tastes really good.You can say goodbye to lime scale for good.Happy days

    warren armstrong , Dunshaughlin

    Your soft water system has worked great in our house - No more lime scale in any of our appliances. Our washing machine, shower and kettle are all limefree. All dealings with your staff have been very professional and I have had no problem recommending you to friends and family. Thanks for everything.

    Vincent Crowe , Tulla

    "Since getting the EWT water softener installed I have to say it's fantastic. The improvement in the quality of the drinking water from the S2000 filter tap & the huge reduction of limescale throughout the house is excellent. The clothes from the washing machine are softer & cleaner and you can really see a difference in the showers. We find that our skin and hair are much softer and we use less shampoo's which saves me money! The engineer that installed was great extremely clean & tidy. I have to say it was a good investment and I would have no problem recommending the softener & EWT, their after sales service is brilliant."

    Kieran Forde , Ratoath, Meath

    My kettle has no limescale in it any more. All the limescale is gone from our shower heads and shower doors. My water is alot softer. I spend less time cleaning. When I wash my dishes they come out spotless. I'm also very happy with the customer service that i have received.

    Rob Montague , Ferrybank

    Ive definitely noticed a big difference in the amount of limescale around the house. Before we had the EWT water softener system installed we had terrible trouble with limescale. We were regularly de-scaling the kettle and showerhead. Now we never buy any limescale removers. I noticed our appliances are working more efficiently too. Our clothes are coming out softer and cleaner from the washing machine. The quality of our water is just much better all round. Tom Gaffney, Rathdale, Enfield , Meath

    Tom Gaffney , Enfield

    I noticed a big difference in my shower since I got the EWT water softener installed. Limescale was a big problem for me before. I was de-scaling the shower head every two weeks. Now it never clogs up. I can really feel the softness in the water. Everything looks a lot cleaner and I dont need half as many cleaning products. My washing machine is working more efficiently too. Im using less washing powder and getting better results. I found the engineer that installed my system very professional. They were on time and very tidy.

    Gail Dowling , Athy

    If you suffer from hard water once the softener is installed you will notice the difference almost immediately , no more scale in the kettle and shower head. Shower doors and mirrors etc are a lot cleaner. You even notice the difference on your skin after a shower! Money well spent & these guys provide a great service Many Thanks

    Rob English , Mitchelstown

    Their has been a marked difference to the quality of the water in my house since getting the EWT water softener installed. Theres no more lime scale building up in immersion, clothes/dish washer or the kettle since the installation of the EWT water softener. My washing machine and dish washer are definitely cleaner and are no longer clogged up. I find that I use less detergent and can use the eco setting on my washing machine while my clothes come out of the machine cleaner and softer. The cutlery / glassware comes out of the dishwasher spotless, gone are those annoying little spots and streaks. Definitely worth the investment.

    Gerry Kelliher , Courtown

    Excellent service, has made a marked improvement to the quality of our water. Much easier to keep kitchen and bathroom clean, no more chiselling limescale out of toilet :) Very friendly and professional too. Highly recommended

    Ronan McKenna , Rathmolyon
  • A month ago we got the softener installed and already can notice difference. The taps, shower door, kettle were covered with limescale and even after good cleaning the limescale was back very quickly.with the softener it is a compleatly different story. We save on cleaning products and it saves our time too. It is great!!!

    Gosia Bogusiewicz Smulik , Ashbourne

    The limescale has cleared itself from my house. The clothes in the washing machine come out softer. My shower is no longer clogged up. My hair feels a lot softer then it did befor, and the water in the house is softer. I can now enjoy a nice cup of tea with out any scale in the bottom of my cup. I find that I use less detergent as a result. I clean less because theres no limescale build up. The S2000 drinking filter tap is nice and fresh to drink from. I would really recommend EWT water softener to anyone else.

    Margaret Egan , Templemore

    I was very please with this product, simple to install and use, does what it says on the tin. Regards Lorraine

    Mrs Lorraine Lovell , maidstone

    It's now one month since I've had the water softener/drinking water filter system installed. The difference is trully amazing. No more scrubbing of shower trays, glass panels, baths, sinks and taps. I can now see the water in the kettle instead of the white deposit that used to be there. Our clothes feel great, definitely using less detergents and washing powder. I can feel the difference after a shower. As for the drinking water, even the kids commented on it without knowing what had been installed. I couldn't recommend this product more highly.

    Paul Hunston , Bagenalstown, Carlow

    I noticed a difference in the quality of my water immediately. I recently got solar panels installed and I got the EWT water softener to prevent limescale from building up in the solar storage tank. Since I got the system installed Ive noticed differences throughout the house, even washing my hands is better. My hands feel softer after I wash them and soaps lathers very easy. I found the EWT staff very knowledgeable and efficient and my system works perfectly.

    Edward Wallace , Nenagh

    We had the EWT maxi water softener recently installed to remove limescale and Iron from our water. We could see a difference straight away, especially in the Kettle & we are having a decent cup of tea and coffee. The shower has improved greatly and the sinks, taps and bathrooms are like new. The water feels so smooth in the shower and has improved my skin & hair immensely. My only regret is that I didn't get the softener installed sooner. I am very impressed by the softener and how compact, neat and tidy it is. I would definitely recommend EWT and their softener's to friends & family

    Liz Cronin , Bantry, Cork

    The limescale in the house has more then reduced itself. I find myself not using as much detergents as i used to. I no longer have to scrub the limescale build up. I find my clothe come out of the washing machine much cleaner and smelling fresher. I don't have to buy bottled water any more as i now have the drinking filter tap. The service EWT has provided is amazing. I find that i am saving money since having the water softener installed in my house. My biggest benefit since having the softener installed is the drinking water i drink more of it, and there's no more limescale build up.

    Keith Ennis , Drogheda

    "EWT provide very good customer service. Im very happy I got the water softener. Theres less limescale everywhere in the house and my appliances will last longer.

    Karen Gannon , Portumna

    Once again I experienced a fantastic customer servire! Margaret is polite and helfull as ever! My queiry was dealt with and resolved in a matter of minutes! the engineers are professional and efficient. The product works perfectly. Overall A very good business! Thanks all!

    Roberto Menna , Balbriggan

    We are very happy with our new EWT GOLDwater softener that was installed within 24 hours of our order. Our water is a lot softer and we are limescale free. No more cleaning shower heads and kettles.

    Michael Hogan , Rush

    I decided to have a softener installed because of the dreadful state of the water in the Laois area and the cost and inconvenience of constantly having to buy descaling fluid and bottled water and would often find residue in our tea, and also in pots and pans. We choose EW Technologies as we found the price to be very competitive in relation to other prices we have heard about and we understand that the system will remove all of the lime scale in our water. The engineer arrived at exactly the time booked he was very quick and left no mess. There was some confusion over where to locate the unit but we talked this through with the engineer and came up with a good location that we were happy with in the end. Start to finish we have so far had great service. My shower head clogged we would have to use be descaling our shower head at least once a month. We also used to have to descale the at least once a month if not twice a month. We know that people on our estate have had to replace boilers and other utilities so we are hoping that we will not have to do this and therefore save some money and time on maintenance. We are expecting not to have to descale so much and have an improved quality of water. We are really looking forward to not having to buy filters for our water filter all the time, and not having to service our utilities.

    John/Eileen Norris , Portarlington

    Since I had EWT water softener installed, I have found when turning on the tap there is no longer a smell of Clorine coming from it. My shower heads are free from limescale, it is a joy to now wash with soft water. Many thanks EWT.

    Noel Rock , Dunshaughlin

    Ive noticed a big difference in the quality of my water since the EWT water softener system was installed. Theres less limescale everywhere. Our shower and taps are much cleaner. Ive especially noticed a difference in the water pressure in my shower. My showerhead never clogs anymore. Since my unit was installed I havent bought tablets for the washing machine or bottled water for us to drink. The water from our filtered tap is perfect. Im very happy with my system and the guy that installed the system was really excellent. David O Brien, Newcastle Wood, Enfield, Meath

    David O'Brien , Enfield

    after installing the water sofetener,the quality of water greatly improved,no more limescale in boiling water and when you take a shower to wash your hair,it will not leave me with dandruff.

    philip , wexford town

    we have spent 18 months considering EW water softener and finally with limescale chips in my tea we decided to bite the bullet. Instant response to beautiful drinking was smiles all round. i expected it would take a while to see results in appliances and showers etc. We have had a drip in the ensuite loo which leaves a limescale stain and is unsightly. within two days of the water softener being installed the stain had disappeared! No cleaning required anymore. The toilets were also cleaner looking - the grey cast that was always in the water disappeared with the arrival of the water softener. Amazingly, the powder dispenser in the washing machine was no longer lined with sludge. The limescale was so bad the powder and limescale tablet were not always diluted by the hot water and the fabric softener holder had to be cleaned weekly as it tended to be scummy. These problems are now a thing of the past. I'm seriously impressed with the new water softener and wish I had installed it last year. The gain is incredible, a soft water shower, clean appliances and Finally! A decent cup of tea or coffee without limescale chips. Ironing is better too as the steam no longer spews brown chips. Pat & Sile Seery

    Pat Seery ,

    Had this system installed just over a year ago. On the day of install, the installer tried to overcharge, & I had to show him an email detailing deposit paid by me to EWT, before he believed me. had a drip leak under the sink, which I didn't notice, until it became a fast flowing leak. I made contact with EWT and reported this, & to be fair, a technician came & sorted the leak... by undoing the work the original in taller had done, sealing the joints with ptfe tape! So, the system was due it's first service this year, & I duly arranged for this. Big mistake. When buying the system, I was told that the first service would cost €99 & would include 6 bags of salt. In reality, the service, if I could call it a service, consisted of a change of filter, & a bill of €105... not even a 5min job... & no bags of salt. The new filter the technician put in, is a cheaper, inferior one, & now, 2mths after the "service", the lime is floating in layers across cups, glasses, kettle, etc. a rip off service, & I would not recommend this company to anyone.

    alan frawley , limerick

    I had a gold series water softener installed a couple of weeks ago, it made a huge difference. It\'s an excellent water softener. The drinking water filter was also installed.Installer was very helpful. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.

    Tadeus Bizunovic , Clara

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed we have seen a big reduction of limescale in the house. It is very noticeable in shower heads, shower doors & around the sinks and taps. The S2000 filter tap is fantastic the drinking water is perfect. We are happy with the unit and would have no problem recommending EWT. Stella Crean, Cluainn Aoibhinn, Rosslare, Wexford

    Stella Crean , Rosslare

    Unfortunately, in my recent experience, the maintenance support leaves the side down. Twice EWT have failed to turn up for appointments. They did not call to cancel, just did not show up. After I complained they apologized and offered a new appointment then did exactly the same thing again.

    Frank Cantwell , Ardmore

    Water is very hard in our area so I got a machine fitted last June noticed the difference in a few days with dishwasher and washing machine We are also very happy with the drinking water tap and filter that was also fitted . I have just purchased a second unit (march 2013) for a property I rent out. I have recommended unit to friends of which I know two have since purchased the water softener and are very satisfied.

    Ron Wilkinson , wexford

    I have to say the water softener has been the best buy ive bought for the house sine we moved in. The drinking water tastes nicer than bottled water and the limescale has vanished from the taps. Amazing product and staff.

    Rob Hedderman , Bettystown

    I have definitely noticed less limescale throughout the house mostly on the shower heads, taps and kettle. The S2000 drinking filter is a big improvement. I spend less time cleaning the lime off the shower doors. Our dishes are spotless coming out of the dishwasher. I drink more water from the S2000. Im very pleased with the service that i have received.

    Tony Kavanagh , Castleknock

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed I am very impressed with the results it is brilliant. We had a big build-up of limescale in the house and it is nearly all gone. The shower heads are great and clear of lime. There is no residue around the taps and sinks and this makes cleaning a lot easier. Our skin and hair also feel much softer. The S2000 filter tap is great and we are all drinking a lot more water, before I was buying water now I dont so Im saving money. The engineer was very good who installed the unit and knew what he was doing. Im glad we got the softener installed and I would have no problem recommending EWT. John White, Green Oaks, Ferrybank, Waterford

    John White , Ferrybank, Waterford

    The difference throughout the house since the EWT water softener was installed in great. The sinks and taps have no limescale on them at all and the shower doors & heads are clean and clear, there is no more limescale in them. Before we had the softener installed we would have to buy a new kettle every couple of months, it's nearly been a year and we still have the same one. I can only assume that all my appliances are in great shape. Cleaning around the house takes less time and the floors don't have that greasy residue anymore, they are lovely and are shiner.

    Siobhan McDarby , Milford, Carlow

    The limescale difference in the house is massive, the kettle is perfectly clean. The shower heads and shower doors are cleared themselves of any limescale because of the softened water. The feel of the water is much softer and it has even cleared up the kids eczema. The clothes are cleaner and softer from the washing machine. I have to say we cant fault the units and it was the best money we have spent this year. My father in law was so impressed he got the unit installed

    John-Joe Heffernan , Millford, Carlow

    5/11/13 I would have no hesitation in recommending EWT Technologies to anyone as in the month that I have the Gold Series Installed we have seen great changes It is a pleasure to have a shower now with no build up on the showerhead,the drinking water is so good even my grandchildren want to drink and ask for more. We can't believe the difference to the bathroom. It seems cleaner with no effort and the water even seems to be softer to the touch. Also the hot water seems to heat quicker so all in all we are very satisfied.

    edward mahoney , coolock

    I love our EWT water softener because I dont have to worry about filtering the water to wash my babys bottles or adding a little bit to her food. Our clothes are coming out cleaner and softer from the washing machine and were using fewer detergents. Before I would have noticed a lot of lime scale in our bathroom and kitchen but now everythings much cleaner and manageable. I heard about EWT from my aunty who had the softener installed and thought it was brilliant. Im really happy with the water softener I have and the results.

    Siobhan Muldowney , Navan

    Since getting the EWT water softener installed we have no complaints. There is a huge difference throughout the house. Cleaning is much easier and takes less time. The limescale has gone from the shower head and shower doors and the kettle is great. The drinking water is lovely and I dont buy bottled water anymore so I save money. The engineer that installed the unit was very good and I have no problem recommending the water softener to friends & family

    Mary Cronin , Castletownroche, Cork

    Best thing i ever purchased. There is such a difference in the water. Hugh limescale problem in Balbriggan but since i got the system in there is an amazing difference. Washing clothes, showers, boiling the kettle. Best device, would totally recommend.

    Paula , Balbriggan

    I would highly recommend EWT. From sales through to delivery everything was dealt with very efficiently. The installer took time to explain everything clearly and the installation was neat - he cleaned up after himself! Of all the companies who installed various things in our new house last year, EWT stood out as the most professional, courteous and efficient by a long way.

    Anne Lavelle , Dunshaughlin
  • 8/11/13 Been in for a month now, brilliant. Ever since the water supply was changed to the water pumped from the river Barrow it was undrinkable. Well worth it just for the free water filter. Everything is better around the house water wise, cleaner and brighter. Haven't had to put any salt in the dishwasher either. Thats a saving straight away. Small problem with salt bridging this week, but an E-mail cured that, a phone call the next day from E.W.T and the guy talked me through the settings over the phone and the problem was resolved. Well done E.W.T keep it up.

    les ellwood , Kildare

    Since I received my water softener I noticed a great change in the quality of the water. I no longer have problems with shower heads and water taps as they don't clog up with limescale. I use a lot less cleaning materials and soaps. Our skin and hair is much softer and I feel I don't have to worry about replacing showers, washing machines and kettles, like I have had to do in the past. I am more than pleased with E.W.T.

    Teresa Foy , Longford

    I find I am using fewer detergents since installing the softener. A big benefit since getting the unit installed would be the difference in my shower. I dont have to keep replacing the showerhead and I spend less time cleaning of bathrooms. I find EW Technologies customer service really good, especially their text service, it is really helpful. There has been no new limescale build-up anywhere since I installed the softener. I am drinking much more water since the drinking unit was installed FREE with the softener. The washing machine uses fewer detergents, and produces much softer and cleaner clothes. Overall I am really happy

    Jeremy , Balbriggan

    Have EWT water softener installed 2 months now, and really seeing the benefits. Cleaning the shower is much easier and saving a lot on washing machine products. Would strongly recommend this to family and friends.

    Gladys Eagleton , Bettystown

    We met the EWT crew at the ideal homes exhibition. There were three other water companies there but EWT were the only ones that seemed to know what I wanted. So we decided to get their water softener installed and since then the water is much softer. We're using half as much soaps and detergents. I'm not throwing out kettles anymore and don't have the shower head clogging up like before.

    Richard Homes , Ratoath

    I have the EWT Water Softener and S2000 filter tap for 5 weeks now and there is a big difference. Before we had the EWT water softener system installed we had big problems with limescale. The only regret is that we didn't install this system sooner. We are happy with the system and have recommended it to our friends. Marian

    Marian , Maganey

    For years we have had to put up with very hard water which slowly ruined all our electric equipment with a massive lime build up. Since installing the EWT system our problem has rapidly dimished and now we are seeing what water should be like both in taste and softness.Your engineer was polite and extremely efficient and a credit to his company. Bert . Longford

    Robert , Longford

    Since the RO drinking water unit was installed my daughter has noticed the difference and has become very choosy about the water she drinks. The service we have received is very good & they keep in regular contact regarding the service of the units. Sharon & Declan OReilly, Steeple Chase Green, Ratoath, Co. Meath

    Declan & Sharon O'Reilly , Ratoath

    I have suffered with an itchy/dry scalp,dry patches of skin since i moved to my house 2 years ago. I contacted EWT and they where very understanding,had a softener fitted on Thursday,drained off my cistern in the loft and then let it fill with soften water the same day i showered and cleaned my stainless sink in the kitchen and now no itchy scalp or limescale marks on the sink. I worked For a water company for 40 years in England and must say should have had this fitted when i first mover here.

    Patrick Christmas , Ferbane

    14th October 2013 We have only got the water softener installed recently, but we can see the results already. The sink is so much cleaner, there is no limescale on it at all. The dishwasher runs with much better results too. I cannot wait for our full system to be washed out of the old and hard water, to get these results everywhere! The service was brilliant, the installer was on time, and did a brilliant, quick and clean job. He was very friendly and efficient. I can only recommend him and the company's product to everyone.

    Kriszti Varga Werner , Ashbourne

    We can't believe the difference!! Our kettle is still shining, the clothes from the washing machine are soft again, the sinks and shower trays are clean and the water tastes great. Best investment we've made in years.

    Maire Keane , Batterstown

    The quality of the water since the unit was installed is great. The drinking water is much improved before i would not even of thought of drinking from the tap now it is no problem at all a big improvement there. My shower head was very clogged up now its like new. My Kettle is much better than it was before very clean now. There is a difference in the scale around the taps. It is easier to clean the shower door.

    Marianne Draper , Midleton

    I'm very pleased with the water softener. My sinks, taps and shower door are all clear of lime scale and as a result i spend less time cleaning. My water throughout the house is a lot softer. I'm using less washing detergents. When i wash my clothes they come out a lot softer and smelling fresher. Also the dishes in the dishwasher come out cleaner. My biggest benefit after getting the softener installed is my S2000 drinking water it is much more taster and cleaner to drink. And all the lime scale has cleared itself from my house.

    Joesphine West , Nenagh

    Very happy with whole process. Unit works like a dream, can't believe I suffered for so long! Installation quick and efficient and don't even notice the unit tucked away in my broom cupboard!

    Ann Quigley , Ballinasloe

    It feels like we are in a new house. The quality of the drinking water is exceptional. The limescale is gone from all showers, bathrooms and the kettle looks new. There is great savings been made on cleaning products etc. Sorry I did not get it sooner. Best thing we ever got.

    jj grace , Athy

    We are so happy with our water softener we got installed, our water quality is so much better. Biggest differences is in the shower and the kettle where there is 100% improvement. Great EWT team.

    David Joyce , Ballycahill

    Wish we had bought this years ago. The softner is great we noticed the difference very soon after installation. Our showers are running better and our skin is less dry. We love the water filter too. Great product and service.

    Jane O'Donoghue , Dunleer

    The quality of water we have now is absolutely fabulous. Our EWT water softener does everything we were told it would. There is less limescale everywhere. The shower, kettle and sinks are all free from limescale. Im using half the amount of cleaning products and still getting better results than I did before. The shower is completely different. One of my children used to get very dry skin before thats improved immensely. All my familys hair is softer and were using less shampoo. Its the same with the washing machine. Im using less powder and our clothes our softer. We also get purified drinking water straight from our tap that tastes better than bottled water. Im very happy with my drinking system and Ive already recommended EWT too many of my friends. Maeve Whelan, Beechwood, Ballivor, Co. Meath

    Maeve Whelan , Ballivor

    10/4/14 I dont think you could manage without the EWT water softener in this area. The water in our area is very hard. The biggest benefit I've noticed is the reduction in wear and tear of our appliances from limescale. Our water is a lot better since we got our gold series water softener installed. The shower head and doors are spotless and there has been a huge improvement in time spent cleaning around the house I'm very happy with our EWT system and the engineer that installed the system was very helpful and professional. My brother recommended EWT and I am glad he did.

    Fergal Mone , Clontibret

    I can really feel the softness in our water since I got the EWT water softener installed. I had a bit of dry skin before but now it has really improved. My shower unit and taps used to be constantly scaled up with lime and very difficult to clean. Now I hardly spend any time cleaning the shower or the kitchen. Since installation there really is no limescale. When our water softener was fitted everything ran very smoothly and Ive had no problems since.

    Carmel McDonnell , Navan

    Since getting the EWT system installed 6 weeks ago, the difference in the water quality has been remarkable. We are saving money on bottled water and the results from the shower and washing machine are markedly improved. I have since recommended the system to numerous people.

    Derek Moore , Bakbriggan

    I got water softener beginning of 2013 Water very soft.Got new shower heads last week so won't comment on them yet. Using less skin care. Pity there's not a number I can ring that won't cost me money.Low cost numbers cost me big bucks Margaret

    margaret culligan , station road castlebellingham

    My EWT softener has not only given me peace of mind but Im also saving money as well. Before I got my system installed I started to notice a buildup of limescale in my toilets. I was afraid that my appliances and even pipes might become seriously damaged because of limescale. I used to buy cilit bang and calgon tablets. Now I dont have to worry or buy any on these products. The showerhead and kettle dont clog up anymore. I also used to buy bottled water. I was spending up to €10 each week on it. Now my water tastes much better and I can just drink straight from the filter tap.

    Bernadette O Connell , Drogheda

    "I can't believe the difference to our water since the water softener system was installed. The taste of tea/coffee is 100% better, the families hair and skin is so much softer after washing, the electrical applicance are working much more efficiently and the limescale on kettle, shower heads etc. has disappeared. The taste of the drinking water since we got the drinking tap installed is much improved which is encouraging the family to drink a lot more water. i would recommend the units and company to anyone." Mairead Donohoe, Bagnellstown, Wells, Carlow

    Mairead Donohoe , Carlow

    Im very happy that i got the softener installed. We had to get a new shower because the build up of limescale was so bad. I used to spend ages cleaning my shower. My kettle is limescale free so as a result i spend less time cleaning. My biggest benefit since having the softener installed would be that i now have a clearer shower and the S2000 drinking water is so nice to drink. I have saved money by getting the softener installed.

    Karen O Dowd , wexford town

    "We bought EWT water softener a few months ago and are very pleased with the result. We found that the lime has left the system, also cleaning of shower doors, sink etc is much easier. Tea and coffee taste much better again. We also noticed that the lime has left the water tank in the attic. So again, we're very happy with what we bought. We find it so good that we recommended it to our neighbours. The engineer that installed the water softener gave excellent service." Colm Kelly, Kilnacourt Wood, Portarlington, Co. Laois

    Colm Kelly , Portarlington

    Have to say since we had our EWT Gold water softener installed its been a complete change, from the first cup of tea ( no scum or terrible taste) to the clothes being softer, and sinks no limescale marks. And getting the drinking tap too lovely cool water with great taste. We highly recommend EWT.

    Seamus Kelly , Mountmellick

    I could feel the difference in the quality of my water straight away. Ive noticed my hands are a lot softer now after I wash them. Our water was very hard before and harsh on my skin. Theres definitely less limescale throughout the house. Cleaning is a lot easier and I dont need to use as many products. I found the service from start to finish very excellent

    Tara Connell , Kilmessan

    We found EW's customer service excellent when ordering and installing the water softener. We have found already sinks and showers are shining from lack of limescale, our hot water seems hotter! and the drinking water tastes more pure and healthy.

    noel kennedy , Boyle

    We very pleased we have water softener fitted in our house as it has made a lot difference, taps all shinning, water very clear and taste in water noticed change on same day was fitted and also very soft to hands especially when constantly washing dishes, I would definitely recommend to my friends and relatives. Service very good and engineer who came to install was polite and friendly.

    Naran Patel , WILLESDEN