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Water Softeners – EWT Gold Range Water Softeners

EWT Gold Range of Water Softeners are Guaranteed Irish, backed by a 10 year 100% component warranty from Ireland’s largest water softener company. Our patented IQ Softener Resin – the most advanced water softening resin in the softener industry today, is utilized in our Gold Range water softeners


The Perfect Experience Every Time

Our Promise Our Promise

The Perfect Experience Every Time

  • Protect Your Family's
    Sensitive Skin

    Water Fact: It's been proven that hard water irritates soft, sensitive skin. With EWT Water Softener Systems installed, you can enjoy having naturally moisturised, smooth skin as one of the benefits of living with soft water on a daily basis. Soft water can be particularly beneficial for children and adults with dry skin and skin-sensitive allergies.

  • Leaves Your Bathrooms
    & Floors Sparkling

    Experience hassle-free bathroom cleaning without the need for endless scrubbing. How? When water softeners convert hard water into soft water, dirt and grime washes away easily. EWT Water Softener Systems can reduce household cleaning time by over 50 percent and get you soft water and sparkling clean bathrooms and floors

  • Water Softeners Eliminate
    100% Limescale

    Bring your shower back to life with water softener systems from EWT. Meaning, no more clogged shower heads, no more ugly limescale scum on your shower door - just a perfect invigorating shower experience every time.

  • Save Money On
    Heating Bills

    Save over 20-30 percent with reduced bills on gas, oil and electricity costs when you switch to EWT Water Softeners. Using the EWT Gold Series unit also helps to remove any builtup limescale in your home that is already there before installation. So over time you will eliminate 100% limescale from your home

  • Save Time, Money
    and Water

    Independent research on benefits of water softeners has shown that they will pay for them self in a time period of 7 to 8 months. A lifetime of softened water will help you save time, save water and save money, over €600 annually on detergents, heating and household appliances.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • We made the call to E.W.T on a Friday and the Installation was on the following Tuesday! The serviceman was extremely efficient and even tidied up after the Install! The Machine itself is very compact and fits into the corner neatly. The quality of the ice cold fresh water is superb and our Customers always drink it now. They regularly comment on the delicious Water. Our poor Coffee Machine has been made redundant! We are happy to recommend your Company to other Businesses looking for a very economical way to provide ice cold crystal clear Water to Thirsty Customers:)

    Joe O Meara , Athlone

    I had my water softener installed in my house last week and am happy to say now that the limescale is completely gone. I will be very proud and happy to recommend you to friends and family.

    Amos Balogun , Clover meadows

    That was one if the best investments in my house. No more limescale. I spend less time cleaning the bathroom, sinks shower head and doors. No more limescale in the kettle. I would recommend EWT to anyone. Friendly staff, professional. I am very happy with the engineer. Great worker.

    Karina , Portarlington
  • "We have the EWT water softener in now for a couple of months and there if a big difference in the lime scale. It is really very good & does its job. The decline in lime scale has been brilliant. The shower heads and shower doors are so much better and it is a lot easier to keep the bathrooms clean. The kettle is great and we can get a nice cup of tea now. The family is drinking more water since the S2000 drinking tap was installed with the softener. The clothes are coming out of the washing machine now much softer and I feel in the long run we will save money on our products as we will not have to buy as many as before. The engineer who installed the unit was a very nice helpful man and he was not at all intrusive in our home. I have recommended the units to friends and family" Carmel Mee, Curcullen, Killerrin, Ballinasloe. Co. Galway.

    Carmel Mee , Ballinasloe

    The EWT water softener is great. I've saved a lot of money by having the softener installed. I spend less time cleaning. The water is softer throughout my house. Our clothes are cleaner out of the washing machine and the dishes are spotless coming out of the dishwasher. I'm glad i got EWT water softener installed because all the limescale is gone from my shower heads and shower doors.

    Olive Power , Clonmel

    I love our EWT water softener because I dont have to worry about filtering the water to wash my babys bottles or adding a little bit to her food. Our clothes are coming out cleaner and softer from the washing machine and were using fewer detergents. Before I would have noticed a lot of lime scale in our bathroom and kitchen but now everythings much cleaner and manageable. I heard about EWT from my aunty who had the softener installed and thought it was brilliant. Im really happy with the water softener I have and the results.

    Siobhan Muldowney , Navan
  • Having bought the house it seemed logical to install a softener. EWT were prompt, courteous, well priced & very professional. The end result is fantastic, clean fresh water with no limescale. You can actually see the difference on the shower door. Top marks!

    Grant Lawrence , Ratoath

    Installation was quick and easy, Fitter was professional friendly and cleaned up as he went along. So far the results are brilliant, shower door is limescale free kettle is like new again, Iron does not have any build up anymore and tea, well the tea is just class. I would recommend to anyone thinking about getting this system installed in their house. Should have done it years ago.

    Niall Reynolds , Bettystown

    The water softener is great i have had no problems. The kettle has no lime in it any more .The drinking water tastes alot better. Our clothes are cleaner out of the washing machine and the delph is sparkling coming out of the dishwasher. Theres no build up of lime scale on my shower head or taps. I use less detergents as a result.

    Seamus Brislane , Cloughjordan
  • "We have the EWT water softener installed a few months now and we are very happy with the results. There is a lot less limescale throughout the house. It is noticeable in the shower heads and on the shower doors which means a lot less cleaning. The taps are also much better with no lime clogging them up. I notice that we are using less washing detergents and soaps lather up a lot easier. The drinking filter tap is very good for the coffee machine and kettle as they stay much cleaner. The engineer who installed the unit was very good and very helpful. I would have no problem recommending EWT as we are very happy with their product." Jane Cousins, Roselawn Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

    Jane Cousins , Castleknock

    Since EWT installed my S3000 unit my life got much easier. No more driving to the shops to buy heavy 5L bottles of water and lugging it up to my apartment. For lovely drinkable water all I have to do is... open the tap!!!

    Irene Nel , Galway

    I would highly recommend EWT. My water softener system definitely does work. I have noticed that soap lathers more easily and I now use far less shower gel. I dont have to de-scale the showerhead or kettle anymore and my machines will last longer. I find since the EWT system was installed the house heats a lot quicker and stays warmer longer. The engineers are informative, courteous and friendly. Tony Byrne, Grange Grove, Stamullen

    Tony Byrne , Stamullen