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Water Softeners – EWT Gold Range Water Softeners

EWT Gold Range of Water Softeners are Guaranteed Irish, backed by a 10 year 100% component warranty from Ireland’s largest water softener company. Our patented IQ Softener Resin – the most advanced water softening resin in the softener industry today, is utilized in our Gold Range water softeners


The Perfect Experience Every Time

Our Promise Our Promise

The Perfect Experience Every Time

  • Protect Your Family's
    Sensitive Skin

    Water Fact: It's been proven that hard water irritates soft, sensitive skin. With EWT Water Softener Systems installed, you can enjoy having naturally moisturised, smooth skin as one of the benefits of living with soft water on a daily basis. Soft water can be particularly beneficial for children and adults with dry skin and skin-sensitive allergies.

  • Leaves Your Bathrooms
    & Floors Sparkling

    Experience hassle-free bathroom cleaning without the need for endless scrubbing. How? When water softeners convert hard water into soft water, dirt and grime washes away easily. EWT Water Softener Systems can reduce household cleaning time by over 50 percent and get you soft water and sparkling clean bathrooms and floors

  • Water Softeners Eliminate
    100% Limescale

    Bring your shower back to life with water softener systems from EWT. Meaning, no more clogged shower heads, no more ugly limescale scum on your shower door - just a perfect invigorating shower experience every time.

  • Save Money On
    Heating Bills

    Save over 20-30 percent with reduced bills on gas, oil and electricity costs when you switch to EWT Water Softeners. Using the EWT Gold Series unit also helps to remove any builtup limescale in your home that is already there before installation. So over time you will eliminate 100% limescale from your home

  • Save Time, Money
    and Water

    Independent research on benefits of water softeners has shown that they will pay for them self in a time period of 7 to 8 months. A lifetime of softened water will help you save time, save water and save money, over €600 annually on detergents, heating and household appliances.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • My house has no more lime scale build up since getting EWT water softener installed. When i wash my clothes they come out smelling fresher and feeling softer. And my dishes in the dishwasher come out shinning. As a result of the softener i use less detergents. I'm very happy i got the water softener installed. My water is much softener. Theres no lime scale in my kettle any more. I now clean the bathroom a lot less.

    Monica Zalewska , Ballbriggan

    The water softener is great i have no problems with it. When I wash my dishes they come out sparking. I have noticed a big improvement on lime scale on my taps and shower head. I use less washing powder to wash my clothes. i've saved a lot of money by having the softener installed. My clothes are cleaner when I wash them in the washing machine. And I spend less time cleaning the limescale in my bathroom.

    Gill Tarea , Kilcolgan

    we are very happy we got the water softener installed .No more finding lumps of lime in the bottom of a cup of tea. Kettle is limescale free. My clothes are feeling softer no more hard towels. I would recommend it to anyone that has hard limescale water. we can actually drink the water from tap now so we should save money not having to buy drinking water.

    Christy Quinn , Ballymote
  • I've just had my system installed and have found the customer service from placing the order to fitting the system excellent. I'd definitely recommend to a friend.

    Karen Walsh , Athlone

    I founed the kettle use to scale up frequently and the clothes didn't feel soft after washing, but this all changed when i got the EWT water softner installed. Kettle is like brand new and the drinking water has a lovely crisp taste clothes are nice and soft to touch. No lime scale on the shower head or on the taps. I'd recommend the EWT water softener to everybody. Money well spent as it will prolong the lifespan of my appliances and Gas Boiler.

    Ciaran McShane , Ashbourne

    It was easy to organise, the first point of contact was extremely patient and helpful. The guy who came to do the installation was equally patient and helpful, as ours is an old house and I had been unable to find the stopcock. He did, we worked out the best place to leave the equipment and he did the job quickly and well. Best of all is the product itself. We can feel the difference in showers, in tea, in the kettles and will obviously do the same with the pipes, washing machines etc. The free distilled water is very welcome too - we had been spending a lot of money buying water. I couldn't recommend this enough.

    Daragh O Conchuir , Portarlington
  • I got my EWT Gold Series water softener installed in march 2015 and since then my kettle is limescale-free and my shower heads and showers are better than ever. You would know the difference in the water when washing up our clothes are so soft now. Thank you again ewt

    mary sheehan , Stoneyford

    "We have had the EWT water softer a couple of months now and it is working perfectly. We have noticed a difference in the shower heads and doors and around the sinks and taps in both the bathroom and kitchen. I have to say it is exceptionally good. The drinking filter system is also very good and we are drinking a lot more water. I would have no problem recommending EWT and its water softener system." John Park, Athenry, Co. Galway

    John park , Athenry

    We got the EWT Gold 606 Water Softener and G1 Drinking Water filter installed during the summer. We decided to review our installation when it had time to prove its value. It has certainly delivered so far, absence of limescale, streaking, machines that are less costly to maintain [no calgon] and we expect will last longer.We expect this will be a good long term investment.

    Fabian Lee , Kells
  • There is a huge difference in our house since the EWT water softener was installed. There is no lime build-up around the sinks, showers and taps in the house. The shower head and shower doors are spotless now. The water feels very soft and smooth on our skin. The glasses and cutlery are cleaner now out of the dishwasher with no residue on them. Also, cleaning around the house now takes up less time which I am delighted with

    Aoife , Carlow

    The water in my shower is much softer then before and as a result i find myself using less gels and shampoo's. My shower head has no more lime scale build up either does my kettle. I clean less now that there's no build up of lime. The dishes come out of the dishwasher sparking. The drinking filter tap is much better to drink from now and everybody in the house drinks from it. My biggest benefit since having the softener installed is i now know that my peace of mind is a rest because i know there's no new lime scale build up in my house.

    Jerry Walker , Athlone

    "Since getting the EWT water softener installed, we have noticed a big difference in the shower, sinks, baths & kitchen. They are much easier to keep clean. Our skin and hair are much softer. We are using much less product like softener for the washing machine and we don't have to buy Calgon tablets anymore. Also we are drinking a lot of water from the drinking tap which means that I don't have to buy bottled water anymore either so I'm saving money. The engineer that installed the unit was great, very clean and put everything back where it belonged. I'm very happy with everything" Paul Daly, Oakleigh, Longwood, Co. Meath

    Paul Daly , Longwood