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Water Softeners – EWT Gold Range Water Softeners

EWT Gold Range of Water Softeners are Guaranteed Irish, backed by a 10 year 100% component warranty from Ireland’s largest water softener company. Our patented IQ Softener Resin – the most advanced water softening resin in the softener industry today, is utilized in our Gold Range water softeners


The Perfect Experience Every Time

Our Promise Our Promise

The Perfect Experience Every Time

  • Protect Your Family's
    Sensitive Skin

    Water Fact: It's been proven that hard water irritates soft, sensitive skin. With EWT Water Softener Systems installed, you can enjoy having naturally moisturised, smooth skin as one of the benefits of living with soft water on a daily basis. Soft water can be particularly beneficial for children and adults with dry skin and skin-sensitive allergies.

  • Leaves Your Bathrooms
    & Floors Sparkling

    Experience hassle-free bathroom cleaning without the need for endless scrubbing. How? When water softeners convert hard water into soft water, dirt and grime washes away easily. EWT Water Softener Systems can reduce household cleaning time by over 50 percent and get you soft water and sparkling clean bathrooms and floors

  • Water Softeners Eliminate
    100% Limescale

    Bring your shower back to life with water softener systems from EWT. Meaning, no more clogged shower heads, no more ugly limescale scum on your shower door - just a perfect invigorating shower experience every time.

  • Save Money On
    Heating Bills

    Save over 20-30 percent with reduced bills on gas, oil and electricity costs when you switch to EWT Water Softeners. Using the EWT Gold Series unit also helps to remove any builtup limescale in your home that is already there before installation. So over time you will eliminate 100% limescale from your home

  • Save Time, Money
    and Water

    Independent research on benefits of water softeners has shown that they will pay for them self in a time period of 7 to 8 months. A lifetime of softened water will help you save time, save water and save money, over €600 annually on detergents, heating and household appliances.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • 6/5/14 Once the gold series water softener was installed our water was much better - felt much softer on your skin after a shower and we saved a lot not having to buy bottled water anymore.

    Oonagh Milne , Duleek

    "I can't believe the difference to our water since the water softener system was installed. The taste of tea/coffee is 100% better, the families hair and skin is so much softer after washing, the electrical applicance are working much more efficiently and the limescale on kettle, shower heads etc. has disappeared. The taste of the drinking water since we got the drinking tap installed is much improved which is encouraging the family to drink a lot more water. i would recommend the units and company to anyone." Mairead Donohoe, Bagnellstown, Wells, Carlow

    Mairead Donohoe , Carlow

    We had the EWT water softener installed not so long ago the difference since we got it, is brilliant. The shower heads dont clog anymore and the shower doors are so easy to keep clean. The sinks, bathroom & kitchen are so much easier to keep clean. The kettle is so clean its fantastic before there would be limescale floating in the water now the water is clear. We have also noticed a big difference in the clothes coming out of the washing machine, they are much softer. The water that comes from the drinking tap is just lovely, there is no after taste at all plus we dont have to buy the bottle water anymore. The engineer who installed the unit was 100% & very efficient. Its the best money we have spent in a long time. Ronan Crawley, Shepardswatch, Ardee, Co. Louth.

    Ronan Crawley , Ardee
  • Weve had our EWT system installed years with no problems. Weve definitely seen a big improvement in the quality of our water. Theres no limescale in our kettle or showerhead anymore. Even our dishwasher is working more efficiently. Our glasses always come out sparkling. Our drinking water is perfect now too. Even some of family like to take some water home with them because they love how it tastes. Its great that we know the water were giving our children is completely purified and safe. EWTs customer service has been great and were very happy with our system.

    Leonie OConnor , Enfield

    Before I had the EWT water softener installed I was regularly replacing my showerhead but I have absolutely no problems with limescale now. There is less limescale everywhere. All my appliances are working more efficiently. My kettle never gets clogged up and I never get little bits on my clothes when I iron them. Ive noticed the biggest difference in the shower. My skin used to feel very tight and dry when I got out of the shower. Now I dont need to moisturize half as much, my skin feels really soft. The main benefit for me is that I know limescale cant damage my utilities. Ive have no complaints with EWT and the engineer that installed my system was very helpful and nice.

    Iwona Montanes , Ballivor

    I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the services of EW Technologies. The guys in EWT recently supplied both my Optician practice and my home with excellent, quality drinking water solutions. They arrived on time, were polite, extremely tidy and at all times very professional. Both installations were completed in less than 20 minutes with little or no disruption and the work was finished to the highest standard. My customers reaction to the EWT water cooler in our practise has been extremely positive and they appear happily surprised at the offer of a glass of clean water as they browse the store. I feel their overall experience in dealing with Rods and Cones has definitely been enhanced by offering this service to them. At home we know longer have to buy bottled water or find a space to store them. The drinking water tastes great; our kettle has never looked as clean and there is no more of that scum on top of the tea or coffee like their used to be. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending EWT to anyone interested in improving their water quality either in their business or home.

    Rods and Cones Eye Care, Richard Creagh , Castleknock
  • The Ewt technician installed a gold series 606 water softener in my home on Sept 1st (2015). We are thrilled with it. In only 2 short weeks we can already see a big improvement in the condition of hair and skin. The appliances and sinks are cleaner, clothes softer from the machine. The added drinking tap for filtered water is a huge bonus. The technician, was very efficient, tidy and friendly, taking the time to chat with and answer numerous questions from little people! We're very happy with our EWT water softener!

    Linda Dawson , Thurles

    The EWT Water Softner is an excellect product which I am delighted with and would definitely recommend. The limescale in Portlaoise is particularly bad and this made all the difference; the shower heads are not getting clogged up anymore and it is much easier to clean the bathroom. I believe it will extend the life of my electric shower and washing machine also. The installation was done in a quick and professional manner. I am very pleased.

    Keith Galbraith , Portlaoise

    The EWT system is the best investment we made for our home. The shower door, heads and taps are so much easier to maintain and our clothes keep their colour so much better than before. The benefits to our skin and hair cannot be underestimated which really surprised us as this was a bonus we didn't expect. Teas, coffees and drinking water taste so much better now. I highly recommend this product and Ew technologies

    Garrett Curran , Barnaderg
  • Im very pleased with my water softener. The kettle has no limescale in it any more. The drinking water tastes a lot better. All the limescale is gone from our shower heads and shower doors. I spend less time cleaning. I save money on not buying appliences. I use less detergents. My water in the house is very soft and smooth. Our clothes smell fresher out of the washing machine. The drinking water is very nice. Im also very happy with the customer service that i have received.

    Joseph Grant , Castleknock

    10/4/14 I dont think you could manage without the EWT water softener in this area. The water in our area is very hard. The biggest benefit I've noticed is the reduction in wear and tear of our appliances from limescale. Our water is a lot better since we got our gold series water softener installed. The shower head and doors are spotless and there has been a huge improvement in time spent cleaning around the house I'm very happy with our EWT system and the engineer that installed the system was very helpful and professional. My brother recommended EWT and I am glad he did.

    Fergal Mone , Clontibret

    We would be lost without the EWT water softener. There is no more limescale build up around the shower door and the appliances dont clog up anymore. Its just so much easier to clean now. I use half the detergents and cleaning products I used to. Even the drinking water is so good now that we always fill up bottles and bring them with us before we go anywhere. Annabelle Grobbelaar, Norbury Woods Green, Tullamore, Co Offaly

    Anna Belle Grobbelaar , Tullamore, Offaly