Our 10 Year 100% Component Warranty

That’s right; EWT Water Softeners come with a 10 year 100% component warranty. A Warranty from EWT, One of Europe’s Largest water Softener Companies gives you Peace of Mind that you have invested in the right product and the right Company.

Cost-Saving, EWT IQ Water Softening Resin

EWT’s Patented IQ resin is the highest quality water softening resin on the Irish market today. Our Unique high efficiency IQ resin Optimises the amount of water and salt used with each regeneration, Which will save you on salt usage, water usage and money over the life of your water softener Systems.

Energy-Efficient Control Valve

Our unique energy-efficient control value uses less then €5 of electricity per year. EWT Control Values for water softeners are fully programmed by our fully-qualified water softener specialists and deliver unrivaled reliability in water softener Systems.

FREE Call Out Services

EWT Offer a Free call out service for the first year on all water softener systems and water treatment Products which we install.

Members of EPDWA
(European Point of use Drinking Water Association)
and WQA (Water Quality Association)

EWT have been active members of the European point of use Drinking water Association and the water quality Association (EPDWA) Since 2002 and 2008

Fully Trained and Certified Team

EWT Have a Fully trained, certified team of Staff ensuring that you receive the best quality installation and services available.