Drinking Pure Filtered Water From The EWTTM G5 Gold Series Benefits

Water helps regulate
body temperature
Water protects and
moisturises our joints
Water helps our organs to
absorb nutrients better and
detoxifies the body
Water Helps with our
Muscle consists of
73% water
Brain consists of
90% water
Water transports nutrients
and oxygen into cells
Blood consists of
83% water
Water moisturises the air in
our lungs
Muscle consists of
73% water
Bone consists of
22% water
“We Promise That You’ll Never Want To Be Without Your EWT Drinking Water System Again”

Gold Series G5

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

Gold Series G5 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System EWT® Gold Series G5 system uses the most advanced water treatment technologies available today. The G5 incorporates Reverse Osmosis technologies which are recognized as one of the best available technologies for producing the very best quality drinking water.

It's also the same method used by many bottled water companies to make safe and great tasting water. No other home water treatment system can offer you as much protection and reliability. EWT® G5 system uses a 200 LPD membrane which is powerful, fast and has excellent efficiency rating.

EWT® G5 system uses a 200 LPD membrane which is powerful, fast and has excellent efficiency rating.

The high pressure pump ensures a high daily production capacity and replacement speed for RO water production. This allows for better assurance that there is adequate water available when desired, even during heavy use times of the day.

Get Unlimited ... Ultra fresh, delicious drinking water right at home for drinking, cooking; making coffee, tea & baby formula; serving guests, pets & plants; and providing beauty, dietary & health benefits.

With the G5 ultra-clean, ultra-safe water in your home you can always be confident you’re getting the best possible water — it can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants that may be found in tap and well water.

Proven to remove up to 99.9% of Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, Mercury, Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphate, Asbestos, Sediment and other harmful substances.

The Finest Drinking Water Systems in Europe... Quality certified, with 15 years of experience to guarantee trouble-free satisfaction for many years to come. Designed for micro biologically safe water only.

Tremendous Savings

- €600 / year

on bottled water

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • I was very impressed with the speed of the installation of my Gold Series and the work carried out was very professional.

    Andrew Grennan , Ballycumber

    The filter tap is fantastic, clean odorless drinking water straight after installation. The softener takes a little longer to give a result, but 1 month on our shower head only needed one clean as opposed to twice a week. there is less limescale on our shower doors, taps and kitchen sink. I notice i need less shampoo when washing my hair, less detergent in washing machine/ washing up

    Shirlee Ferris , Rosslare Harbour, Wexford

    My house used to be loads of limescale build up on my kettle and taps before getting this softener and water filter installed. Its a great product! However, in my experience the customer service is not as good as I thought. , My softener was leaking and full of water in the press about two weeks ago. I had to keep ringing them to come up ASAP to fix it as it was leaking urgent. The technician was very helpful. He found out a part of it was broken and replaced it. I wish they can improve the customer's need that area. Also the maintenance cost is much higher than what I expected. I did not realized that the filter (99 euro each at the moment) would recommend to replace once every year (as a EU standard - I found out from their customer representative recently). That means I'd better to join the service plan every year. The service and salts will cost me about 160euro every year. I like the product, but if EWT can keep the maintenance cost as low as possible or more mention it to the new customer, that would be great!

    bowie , Balbriggan
  • We got the unit installed due to the limescale build up around the house, since having the units installed the drinking water tastes great & we can enjoy a cup of tea. Our clothes are much softer.I only use a small amount of washing powder. We dont need to clean the showerhead anymore and there are no marks on the shower doors or around the tap. The limescale build up in the water tank in the attic is gone. The installer carried out a clean & tidy job and customer care contact me regarding the annual service of the units. My sister got the unit installed recently and is also very happy. Meadowbank Resident, Ratoath, Meath

    Meadowbank Resident , Ratoath

    We have the EWT Gold Series system installed over 3 years now. The Limescale has disappeared, the water is so much better to drink thanks to our G5 drinking system. The water is like silk when having a shower, the shower head and the kettle hasn't been changed in 3 years.

    Ray Mitchell , Monasterboice

    "We have had the EWT water softener installed a couple of months now and so far so good. The shower doors were very stained before and now they are a lot easier to keep clean. The bathroom & kitchen sinks are great you just have to wipe them and they are clean, before there were always water marks on them. The engineer that installed the unit was great he was very neat and tidy. Overall we are very happy we got the unit installed" Resident, Maelduin, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

    Resident Maelduin , Dunshaughlin
  • Since EWT installed my S3000 unit my life got much easier. No more driving to the shops to buy heavy 5L bottles of water and lugging it up to my apartment. For lovely drinkable water all I have to do is... open the tap!!!

    Irene Nel , Galway

    Ive definitely noticed less limescale throughout the house since I got the EWT water softener installed. My kettle and shower both used to clog up regularly. Ive replaced my kettle a number of times. Now therere both perfect with no limescale. Ive also noticed in the shower how much more my shampoo lathers. My hair feels really clean and looks better. I have a baby in the house so its good to know the water Im using is kind and gentle to her skin. Overall my system is a huge benefit.

    Ann-Marie Hennessy , Athy

    "Since getting the EWT water softener installed it has paid for itself 10 times over. There are 5 people in our house and we have all seen a fantastic difference in the water quality. We have 3 showers and we haven't had to clean any of the shower-heads out in months. My wife is very pleased at how easy it is to clean the bathrooms and all around the house. The EWT water softener price is excellent but it wasn't just the price that decided our choice we researched everything we could. I have to say the unit is great and we are extremely happy we made that decision. We have no problem recommending EWT" Michael Black, Forrest Grange, Ballymackenny Rd., Drogheda, Co. Louth

    Michael Black , Drogheda
  • There is only one word to describe the quality of the water in Dunshaghlin - DISGUSTING! The taste was terrible and the water had more limescale in it than the cliffs of Moher! We were therefore buying bottled water for our staff and lots of filters for the filter jug we used - all costing us a fortune. Then we called EWT and they installed a water filter system in our office and a filtered water dispenser too. The water is now amazing, our staff are delighted and we're saving money! We were so impressed that we then installed the same system and the full water softener system at home. We now enjoy tasty and soft water at home, which means softer clothes, less cleaning and even shaving is easier and more comfortable. All in all great products and even better customer service!

    Franco De Bonis , Dunshaughlin

    My EWT water softener system was installed about last 5yrs ago and the engineer who installed it was very good. I must say I wouldnt be without it. I never have to de-scale the kettle, I dont have to use Calgon tablets in the washing machine, my showers run perfectly and the drinking water unit is great. I know the problems which can occur in a hard water area but I dont have any such problems thanks to the EWT water softener. EWT service the system at a time that is convenient for me and also deliver the salt and a very competitive price Josephine Austin, Clarkestown, Summerhill, Meath

    Josephine Austin , Summerhill, Meath

    "Since getting the EWT water softener installed there is a huge difference in the house. Our shower heads and shower doors have cleared themselves of limescale. I find the water is extremely smooth so my skin and hair feel fantastic. There is no more build-up of limescale in and around the taps & sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen. The kettle is lovely and clean. I spend less time now cleaning the kitchen and bathroom because the lime is gone. Everything is brilliant and I have no problem recommending the EWT softener to friends & family"

    Sinead Foy , Portlaoise


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