Drinking Pure Filtered Water From The EWTTM G5 Gold Series Benefits

Water helps regulate
body temperature
Water protects and
moisturises our joints
Water helps our organs to
absorb nutrients better and
detoxifies the body
Water Helps with our
Muscle consists of
73% water
Brain consists of
90% water
Water transports nutrients
and oxygen into cells
Blood consists of
83% water
Water moisturises the air in
our lungs
Muscle consists of
73% water
Bone consists of
22% water
“We Promise That You’ll Never Want To Be Without Your EWT Drinking Water System Again”

Gold Series G5

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

Gold Series G5 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System EWT® Gold Series G5 system uses the most advanced water treatment technologies available today. The G5 incorporates Reverse Osmosis technologies which are recognized as one of the best available technologies for producing the very best quality drinking water.

It's also the same method used by many bottled water companies to make safe and great tasting water. No other home water treatment system can offer you as much protection and reliability. EWT® G5 system uses a 200 LPD membrane which is powerful, fast and has excellent efficiency rating.

EWT® G5 system uses a 200 LPD membrane which is powerful, fast and has excellent efficiency rating.

The high pressure pump ensures a high daily production capacity and replacement speed for RO water production. This allows for better assurance that there is adequate water available when desired, even during heavy use times of the day.

Get Unlimited ... Ultra fresh, delicious drinking water right at home for drinking, cooking; making coffee, tea & baby formula; serving guests, pets & plants; and providing beauty, dietary & health benefits.

With the G5 ultra-clean, ultra-safe water in your home you can always be confident you’re getting the best possible water — it can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants that may be found in tap and well water.

Proven to remove up to 99.9% of Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, Mercury, Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphate, Asbestos, Sediment and other harmful substances.

The Finest Drinking Water Systems in Europe... Quality certified, with 15 years of experience to guarantee trouble-free satisfaction for many years to come. Designed for micro biologically safe water only.

Tremendous Savings

- €600 / year

on bottled water

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • The clothes in the washing machine come out a lot softer then before. I find that the soap lathers more and as a result i use less detergent. The S2000 i find is a lot nicer and i find myself drinking more from the filter tap. I am happy i got the unit installed because no more limescale. I find the water in the shower is softer.

    Una Finlay , Drogheda

    "We have had the EWT water softener installed a couple of months and the reduction in lime scale throughout the house is fantastic. The shower head was always clogging up and we were constantly cleaning it out along with the shower doors even though the house is only a year and half old. Now cleaning the shower doors, bathrooms, kitchen, sinks etc is so much easier. The improvement in the drinking water is brilliant before we had the RO installed the kids would ‘tummy bugs quite often which I put down to the poor water quality, since we got the RO drinking system the kids havent got any "bugs" and this is the most satisfactory result of all. The engineer who installed the systems was very good and I am delighted I made the decision to have the unit installed my In-Laws have also had it installed and I have recommended it to all my friends" Antoinette Gallagher, Togher, Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon

    Antoinette Gallagher , Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe

    I got the EWT 606 Gold Series water softener system installed 1 year ago due to the amount of limescale in my kettle and on household surfaces. The water in my area is very hard and contains large amounts of limescale. Since having the system installed, there is no limescale in my kettle or on shower/sink surfaces.

    Domestic Householder , Drogheda
  • I built a new home in late 2010, previous to this we were living on site in a mobile home. Our water source was a 300ft deep water well, as you can expect it was very hard water. Shower head was constantly blocking and kettle was a disaster, to name just a few problems. I got EW technologies to install a whole house softening system before we moved into new house. We couldn't be happier, everything is still like new and we're here over 2 years now. Great products and service. Thanks.

    Doyne Mc Nally , Ashbourne

    Since we got the EWT water softener installed there is a differance all over the house . No stains on the kettle, sink , bathRoom and the shower unit is so clean also very soft on your skin.

    Dave enright , Stamullen

    We had the EWT Gold Series water softener and free G1 filter tap installed a month ago. The limescale has dramatically reduced. We noticed this really quickly! The shower room is the best example, the shower door is quite clean after installed the water softener. Also the cattle doesn't have the scale anymore, which is really good, don't need to clean it al the time. The the drinking tag water is also really good and convenient. We don't need to wait the water filter to filter the tag water which takes really long time. The tap water taste good as well. Overall we are so happy we made the decision to install it. And we already recommend the system to our friends and family. We were delighted with back up service also.

    WEI LI , Castleknock
  • Our dry skins problems have cleared up since installing the water softener. We had to replace our washing machine & dishwasher as they were breaking down due to the limescale in our water. Thats not a problem anymore. I have noticed I only use a fraction of the washing powder I used to. The service was very good and the systems are really easy to maintain. Helen Mahon, The Old Mil, Ratoath, Meath

    Helen Mahon , Ratoath

    Ive noticed a big difference in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. Our water was very hard before. I used to regularly de-scale the kettle and shower head. Now I never do it. I recently looked in the water tank and there was a massive improvement. Limescale has nearly disappeared. Our drinking water is 100% better. I used to spend at least €15 a week on bottled water. We used it for cooking, tea and drinking. Now our water from the tap tastes just as good. EWTs engineers are very helpful and they really provide a great service.

    Colm Nolan , Ballivor

    I can really feel the softness in our water since I got the EWT water softener installed. I had a bit of dry skin before but now it has really improved. My shower unit and taps used to be constantly scaled up with lime and very difficult to clean. Now I hardly spend any time cleaning the shower or the kitchen. Since installation there really is no limescale. When our water softener was fitted everything ran very smoothly and Ive had no problems since.

    Carmel McDonnell , Navan
  • I find I am using fewer detergents since installing the softener. A big benefit since getting the unit installed would be the difference in my shower. I dont have to keep replacing the showerhead and I spend less time cleaning of bathrooms. I find EW Technologies customer service really good, especially their text service, it is really helpful. There has been no new limescale build-up anywhere since I installed the softener. I am drinking much more water since the drinking unit was installed FREE with the softener. The washing machine uses fewer detergents, and produces much softer and cleaner clothes. Overall I am really happy

    Jeremy , Balbriggan

    Since we got the EWT water softener installed the water throughout the house is perfect. Our shower heads and doors are clear of limescale. I can feel the difference in our hair and skin as the water is smooth. I have noticed that the clothes are coming out of the washing machine much softer and cleaner. The family is drinking lots of water. I am very happy we decided to get the softener installed and I would recommend it onto friends & family

    Michelle Keating , Castletownroche, Cork

    In the four years before the water softener was installed we replaced two washing machines, one dishwasher and on average two kettles per year due to the limescale. We havent had any problem with our washing machine since. We noticed the difference within a week of having the water softener installed, from cleaning the shower and taps to the softness of our skin and hair. The shampoo and shower gels lather so much more and we dont have to buy as much cleaning products. The installation of the water softener was great & so is the after sales service. Even the drinking water tastes so much better now.

    Sandra Farrell , Ashbourne


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