Drinking Pure Filtered Water From The EWTTM G5 Gold Series Benefits

Water helps regulate
body temperature
Water protects and
moisturises our joints
Water helps our organs to
absorb nutrients better and
detoxifies the body
Water Helps with our
Muscle consists of
73% water
Brain consists of
90% water
Water transports nutrients
and oxygen into cells
Blood consists of
83% water
Water moisturises the air in
our lungs
Muscle consists of
73% water
Bone consists of
22% water
“We Promise That You’ll Never Want To Be Without Your EWT Drinking Water System Again”

Gold Series G5

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

Gold Series G5 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System EWT® Gold Series G5 system uses the most advanced water treatment technologies available today. The G5 incorporates Reverse Osmosis technologies which are recognized as one of the best available technologies for producing the very best quality drinking water.

It's also the same method used by many bottled water companies to make safe and great tasting water. No other home water treatment system can offer you as much protection and reliability. EWT® G5 system uses a 200 LPD membrane which is powerful, fast and has excellent efficiency rating.

EWT® G5 system uses a 200 LPD membrane which is powerful, fast and has excellent efficiency rating.

The high pressure pump ensures a high daily production capacity and replacement speed for RO water production. This allows for better assurance that there is adequate water available when desired, even during heavy use times of the day.

Get Unlimited ... Ultra fresh, delicious drinking water right at home for drinking, cooking; making coffee, tea & baby formula; serving guests, pets & plants; and providing beauty, dietary & health benefits.

With the G5 ultra-clean, ultra-safe water in your home you can always be confident you’re getting the best possible water — it can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants that may be found in tap and well water.

Proven to remove up to 99.9% of Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, Mercury, Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphate, Asbestos, Sediment and other harmful substances.

The Finest Drinking Water Systems in Europe... Quality certified, with 15 years of experience to guarantee trouble-free satisfaction for many years to come. Designed for micro biologically safe water only.

Tremendous Savings

- €600 / year

on bottled water

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • I had the gold series water softener installed in July but waited to review until now to see full results. Overall I am so happy with this product, the main changes I have noticed is no more lime in kettle, whiter and brighter clothes when washed, no more lime stains when washing windows or around shower, taps etc, but the main thing I noticed was the difference to my skin, it leaves a lovely silky feeling on your skin, I no longer need to constantly apply hand cream as I used to as my hands were always cracking with the hard water and my psoriasis has greatly improved due to this water, also I had the drinking water system installed also which is lovely and no need to buy bottled water any more, my only regret is that I hadn't it installed sooner I just love it and can not praise it enough.

    Bridget mcloughlin , Carrickmacross

    one of the best investments for our new home.such a difference since installation 3 weeks ago,no more buying water which was costing us 400 euros a year.drinking water quality is brilliant.less limescale ,especially on shower door.got the half price offer which was great value.installation was prompt and efficient.have recommended to several people.

    SEAN NOLAN , Tipperary Town

    Living in an area with extremely high limescale, we would typically have had to buy a new kettle, iron and shower heads every year, not to mention the amount of money we would also spend on limescale cleaner and softener for the washing machine. Having had the whole house softener installed for 6 months now, I have to say that the difference is absolutely incredible. Dishes are cleaner from the dishwasher, the kettle and coffee maker are spotless, and our showers are even easier to keep clean as there is no limescale residue on the shower doors! The installation is quick and hassle free, we have found the aftersales service excellent, and have already had friends sign up having seen our system in action.

    Kevin Sweeney , Balbriggan
  • I had a Water Softener and a drinking water filter installed nearly a year ago now. We had a huge problem with limescale which has resulted in having to install four electric showers and two imersion heaters in the space of ten years, not to mention kettles, limescale cleaners, bottled water etc. etc. I have to say both the softener and filter have been one of our best buys, no more limescale marks, no more limescale removers, no bottled water, much less soaps shampoos etc. Highly reccommend these products if you live in an area with bad water. It has saved us alot of money in ten months.

    John Carney , Charlestown

    The EWT water softener is terrific. The limescale has completely gone from our shower heads & shower doors, there is no more residue around our sinks & taps. Our heating works so much better now. The dishes & glasses are sparkling from the dishwasher. The clothes are clean & fresh when washed and they have a lovely smell from them. Cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen & sinks takes a lot less effort and time. We couldn't drink the water before we got the RO drinking system and we were always buying bottled water, we don't do that anymore which saves us money. We are very happy with the softener and have recommended it to everyone

    Ann Kearns , Athy, Kildare

    "We don't know ourselves since we got the EWT water softener installed the difference in our water is fantastic. Not just the drinking water but the water for the whole house. The shower doors & bathrooms are so much easier to clean. The kitchen is also the same there is no build-up of lime scale anymore throughout the house. The clothes come out of the washing machine clean and soft. I don't spend as much money on washing powder. I don't have to spend money buying cleaning products such as Calgon or Cilit Bang anymore either. The water from the drinking tap is beautiful and we are all drinking from it now and not having to worry. The engineer who installed the unit was very helpful & our overall experience of dealing with EWT has been great, I have told all my family and friends if they are getting a softener installed then use EWT." Martina Spain, Tristaun, Aughrin, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

    Martina Spain , Ballinasloe
  • Got the softener in 3 weeks ago. Descaled my kettle then and it still looks like a new kettle the difference in the water is amazing. We don't buy water any more the drinking water is now drinkable. We can even see the difference in the shower heads and taps, highly recommended for any one that has hard water.

    Raymond Parker , ballivor

    I had thisproduct installed in April 2015 I am enjoying the benefits of it very much . From contacting up until the product was installed and running the service has been excellent . Since then till date if contacted with any queries have been very promptly dealt with .i will recommend the company for their product and their service .

    Dr K Shivakumar , Northampton

    We have this installed for just over 2 months now and noticed the difference almost straight away. We had so many issues with limescale before we got it installed. What I was most impressed with was how fast, easy and clean it was to install. Credit goes to the installer there. I would recommend this to any one in my area.

    Jonathan Kenneally , Cloyne
  • My EWT softener has not only given me peace of mind but Im also saving money as well. Before I got my system installed I started to notice a buildup of limescale in my toilets. I was afraid that my appliances and even pipes might become seriously damaged because of limescale. I used to buy cilit bang and calgon tablets. Now I dont have to worry or buy any on these products. The showerhead and kettle dont clog up anymore. I also used to buy bottled water. I was spending up to €10 each week on it. Now my water tastes much better and I can just drink straight from the filter tap.

    Bernadette O Connell , Drogheda

    My water is so good since I got the EWT Gold Series water softener. My hair feels better and there is no limescale build up in my kettle anymore.

    Clare Connolly , Mornington

    I am delighted I got the water softener installed. The difference in the water is unbelievable. The kettle has no lime in it any more and theres no smell off the water. The water tastes a lot better now. I've saved a lot of money by having the softener installed. Our clothes are cleaner out of the washing machine and the delph is sparkling coming out of the dishwasher.

    William Aherne , Turloughmore


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