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Our Benefits Our Benefits

A Water Softener provides real cost savings in service, maintenance and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers and also extends their lifespan. Independent studies have confirmed that considerable cleaning time is saved with softened water. Soft water can, in time, remove existing limescale deposits in hot water an

  • Protect Your Family's
    Sensitive Skin

    Water Fact: It's been proven that hard water irritates soft, sensitive skin. With EWT Water Softener Systems installed, you can enjoy having naturally moisturised, smooth skin as one of the benefits of living with soft water on a daily basis. Soft water can be particularly beneficial for children and adults with dry skin and skin-sensitive allergies.

  • Leaves Your Bathrooms
    & Floors Sparkling

    Experience hassle-free bathroom cleaning without the need for endless scrubbing. How? When water softeners convert hard water into soft water, dirt and grime washes away easily. EWT Water Softener Systems can reduce household cleaning time by over 50 percent and get you soft water and sparkling clean bathrooms and floors

  • Water Softeners Eliminate
    100% Limescale

    Bring your shower back to life with water softener systems from EWT. Meaning, no more clogged shower heads, no more ugly limescale scum on your shower door - just a perfect invigorating shower experience every time.

  • Save Money On
    Heating Bills

    Save over 20-30 percent with reduced bills on gas, oil and electricity costs when you switch to EWT Water Softeners. Using the EWT Gold Series unit also helps to remove any built up limescale in your home that is already there before installation. So over time you will eliminate 100% limescale from your home

  • Save Time, Money
    and Water

    Independent research on benefits of water softeners has shown that they will pay for them self in a time period of 7 to 8 months. A lifetime of softened water will help you save time, save water and save money, over €600 annually on detergents, heating and household appliances.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • There is a decline of limescale throughout the house since we got the EWT water softener. The showerheads and shower doors are much better and there is no limescale residue around the sink and taps. The dishes are very clean when they come out of the dishwasher. Cleaning the house takes less effort and time. We have recommended the softener & EWT to friends & family

    Mary O'Connell , Portlaoise

    It took a while for me to decide if I would get a water softener in. One month after getting the system in place I can honestly say it is a brilliant system. You do not realise how bad your water may be. The glass of shower doors stay clean, the quality of the drinking water is excellent and there is no scum on top of tea and coffee. Well worth the investment.

    Conor Brennan , Maynooth

    since having the gold series softener &drinking water system installed i have noticed how soft my hair & skin is the shower & kettle remain free from limescale & the drinking water tastes so much better im am delighted

    theresa murphy , Lusk
  • Ive noticed a big difference in the quality of my water since I got the EWT water softener installed. I used to have terrible problems with limescale. I had to scoop the lime out of my tank. I had to replace my washing machine and dishwasher. I also had problems with my heating and shower head clogging up. Now I have no problems with limescale and I have peace of mind that limescale cant damage any of my appliances. A big benefit my wife mentioned was the softness of her skin and hair after a shower now. Our water isnt hard anymore. Before we never really drank water, now that we have a filtered tap we drink it all the time. Our water is clear and tastes much better. We dont get any scum in our tea. The engineer who fitted our unit did a great job and Ive already recommended EWT to my friends.

    PJ Finnegan , Athy

    6/9/13 Yes we are extremely satisfied with the water softener. The most noticeable difference is in cleaning the shower head. A job i no longer have to do. Also the kettle isworking much better and the clothes seem cleaner from the washing machine.

    John Keary , Loughrea

    Excellent customer services.......so good I phoned back to the manager to compliment him on how pleasent and helpful his staff were. I wish I could get the same feel good factor from more companies. As for the warer softener for the full house our family wish we had installed one long ago, really noticable results both in removal of limescale deposits and how much softer the water is for showers and baths. My wife says her skin feels much better and no more hard skin on her elbows. :)

    John Bradley , Tullamore
  • I got the water softener installed and there has been a massive improvement in the quality of my water. My shower has no limscale residue on the glass and its cyrstal clear. The tiles are also amazingly clean where before the softner was installed we were cleaning the shower every few days. The limescale build up on my taps has gone completely. This has been the best investment I have made and I have recommended this to many people. If you are in two minds as to will I or wont I get it installed, do it as you will not regret it.

    Kieron Marry , Balbriggan


    kim doyle ,

    Our Gold Series 606 water softener was installed last week. The engineer was very quick and tidy and explained how the unit worked very well. We have noticed the difference already with the shower, and our hair and skin is much softer. The pressure in the shower is much higher and I had to turn down the thermostat on the shower as the water is coming out much hotter. Very happy with our new purchase.

    Carol Hickey , Mornington
  • "There are so many positive changes all throughout the house since the installation of the EWT water softener. I used to buy litres of water each week and have not had to buy so much as a bottle since the installation. We bought a new kettle and it is still like new inside whereas before it would need to be descaled every two weeks. Our clothes are softer coming out of the washing machine and the dishwasher does a much better job on the dishes too. The bathrooms are much easeir to clean and there is no descaling the shower heads and scrubbing the taps. Best of all, we have great drinking water! I have never looked back and reckon that I saved mone by installing the water softener!" Sheila Ryan, Glen Abhainn, Enfield, Meath

    Sheila Ryan , Enfield

    Since I purchased the EWT water softener there is no more limescale in the kettles or shower. I am so pleased with it I only regret not purchasing sooner

    Tom Mulvaney , Templepatrick, Moyvore,Mullingar,

    Your soft water system has worked great in our house - No more lime scale in any of our appliances. Our washing machine, shower and kettle are all limefree. All dealings with your staff have been very professional and I have had no problem recommending you to friends and family. Thanks for everything.

    Vincent Crowe , Tulla

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