7 Great Benefits Of Using EWT Plumbed-In Water Coolers

If you’ve been considering purchasing a plumbed in water cooler from EWT, you are likely taking the time to consider the benefits before committing to the purchase.
We want to give you all of the information you need, allowing you to make the best decision for your home or workplace.
That’s why we’ve rounded up these seven great benefits of using EWT plumbed in water coolers for you to think over. We hope they’ll give you plenty of confidence as you go ahead and make your purchase.

1. You won’t need to buy as much bottled water.
If you don’t have any type of cooler in your office yet are still following guidelines by providing bottles of water, this can sometimes be an inconvenience. Not only is it costly, it takes more effort to constantly reorder drinking water. With a plumbed in water cooler, it’s always there – direct from the mains supply.

2. There’ll be more space in your workplace.
If you’re using a refillable cooler, the bottles it requires are usually very large and cumbersome. They are heavy to transport and take up a lot of space in your office’s storage room. With a mains cooler, you can free up that storage space for something else.

3. You don’t have to worry about refilling it.
Refilling a water cooler is always a chore. With a plumbed in model, there’s no need – all you have to do is switch it on or off.

4. It’s cleaner and safer than a non-plumbed in water filter.
When water is left sitting there for a period of time, it can start to build-up bacteria – and can even turn green! When it’s all coming directly from the mains, you can be sure that it’s always fresh.

5. It’s simple to use and maintain.
A plumbed in water cooler requires much less maintenance than any other kind, saving you time to focus on important tasks at work.

6. It’s a much cheaper way of providing water in your office.
Constantly buying bottled water is expensive. With a plumbed in cooler, all you’ll need to worry about is your regular water bill, plus a low fixed monthly rental payment for the cooler itself and an unlimited supply.

7. We’ll take care of the installation process for you.
EWT will take care of delivering and installing your new plumbed in water cooler, so you can be certain the job is done well with no extra work on your part. Once we’ve set it up, it’s good to go!

If, after reading about these excellent benefits, you’re ready to go ahead and make a purchase – that’s great! Take a look at some of the plumbed in water coolers here on the EWT website. We’ll be happy to help you with your order throughout every step – from now to installation and beyond!

If you haven’t yet made up your mind, there’s no rush! Check out some of our other posts to learn more about what our water filters and softeners can do and you’re sure to find the product that suits your needs.

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