5 Reasons You Think You Can’t Have A Water Filter – And Why You Can

If you’ve ever considered having a water filter installed in your home or workplace, you’re probably already familiar with most of the benefits it can provide.
But despite that, many potential buyers find themselves questioning the purchase of a water filter. In fact, there are several very common reasons why many people think they simply cannot have one.
Here are just a few – as well as why, really, you can have a water filter installed!

1. “I can’t afford a water filter.”
As with any home or business investment, cost will, of course, be a consideration. But a water filter may not be as expensive as you originally thought! It’s worth taking a look at the range of available models. You’ll notice that they fall within a wide variety of price ranges, with the more affordable models making them accessible to those with lower budgets.

2. “We don’t have enough space for another appliance.”
When you first think of a water filter, your mind may conjure up images of a large tank or appliance – a bit like a hot water tank or boiler. But in actuality, they’re a lot smaller than that – and can often be fitted under your sink taking up no space at all!

3. “Water filters are just for big companies.”
That doesn’t have to be the case! Any home or workplace can benefit from a water filter, from a tiny apartment to a towering office headquarters.

4. “A water filter will be too much effort to maintain.”
Water filters actually don’t take too much effort to maintain. This will vary depending on the water filter you choose, however, it’s usually as simple as switching out the cartridge, membrane or UV lamp. This could be as little as once each year, but be sure to check the manual that came with your filter.

5. “The order process will be too complicated.”  
You may worry that ordering a water filter will be complicated – especially if you don’t know too much about them and aren’t sure what to ask for.
When you order through EWT, you won’t need to worry. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll be able to recommend the best product for your needs, helping to make the ordering process easier than ever. We’ll even come and install it!

These are all common reasons for putting off purchasing a water filter, but we hope you’ve been pleasantly surprised after reading our explanations of how you really can purchase and enjoy a new water filter.
If you’re ready to start choosing your ideal model, take a look at the range here at EWT, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more!

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