Get Rid Of Limescale For Good: How A Softener Could Remove 100% Of Limescale

If you’ve noticed a build up of limescale around your taps or appliances, you’ll already be aware of what a hindrance it can be. Not only does limescale put your appliances at risk of potential damage and early breakage, it’s also not enjoyable to find chunks of chalk in your morning tea or coffee.
But rather than blaming the appliances themselves, it’s worth noting that your water supply is probably the culprit. If you live in a hard water area, this is most likely the cause of your limescale build up.
Although you may think your water supply is outside of your control, you can actually change the water that comes out of your taps by installing a water softener. Here’s how it could make a significant difference to your home and prevent limescale once and for all.

Eliminating Limescale with a Water Softener
A water softener contains sodium (salt), which is placed in a tank within your home. The water from your mains supply must pass through this to reach your pipes and taps. As the water passes through, the sodium will effectively draw out the minerals found in your hard water supply, softening it by the time it reaches your utilities.
The result will be clearer, softer water that does not deposit these minerals where they’re not wanted – meaning no limescale or residue on your appliances and no more chalky pieces in your drinks and laundry.

Is this change permanent?
Yes – it is! As long as you have the water softener in your home and maintain it correctly, it will continue to do its job and prevent hard water from causing limescale and residue build up. What makes it even better is that if you move house at a later date, you can usually take the water softener with you!

How soon will it work?
While switching to soft water will have a significant effect on your limescale, you can’t expect it to simply disappear overnight – as great as that would be! In a matter of weeks, you’ll notice less build up in your appliances, such as your kettle. After a longer period, the limescale will slowly begin to be eliminated from your pipes. Eventually, it will all be gone – with no new scale on the way.

Do you like the sound of a life without limescale? If so, a softer water supply is just what you need to make your wish come true. EWT offers a wide range of water softeners and filters, each designed to improve your supply, so take a closer look at the range here at EWT Website – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our products. We’ll be able to advise on the best possible solution for your needs, helping you to live limescale free.

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