Why Does Soft Water Taste Better?

The idea that soft water tastes better than hard water is one that’s very common, which is why many people choose to have water softeners fitted in their homes. But what exactly is it about soft water that makes it more appealing? Here’s everything you need to know!

Soft water is smoother to drink.
Many people complain that when they drink hard water, they can feel the ‘texture’ of their water in their mouth.
With soft water, this feeling is eliminated and the experience of drinking it will be much smoother and more enjoyable.

Hard water can sometimes feel chalky or have a ‘chemical’ taste to it.
Another common complaint amongst those who have tried hard water is that is tastes like chalk or chemicals. This is a result of the higher level of dissolved minerals it contains.
Soft water is treated differently and contains less of these minerals, ensuring a clearer, chemical-free taste.

You’re less likely to have limescale pieces in your drink.
Hard water can make taps and kettles more prone to limescale – which can often chip off into your drink if you’re filling up a glass straight from the tap!
This isn’t the most pleasant experience, nor is the additional mineral taste you’ll get from the limescale. Soft water does not result in limescale to the same extent, making you much less likely to find flakes of chalk in your drink.

Soft water has a more neutral flavour.
In addition to the chemical taste, people often say they find hard water to have a different ‘flavour’ – while soft water does not have any flavour at all. The fact soft water has a more neutral taste to it means it can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, regardless of their tastes and preferences. It also means it won’t affect the taste of other water based drinks, such as tea, coffee or squash.

But what if I prefer hard water?
While many people do prefer the taste of soft water, many others will, of course, prefer the taste of hard water. After all, it’s just a preference – the same way some people prefer coffee to tea and vice versa.

If you prefer your water on the harder side, you may want to skip the idea of getting a water softener. However, you can still improve the quality, safety and taste of your water supply by having a filter installed. This will keep it the way you like it, while also eliminating the chemicals and toxins that you don’t want to be drinking.

Whether you prefer your water to be hard or soft, we have what you need here at EWT.


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