What Colour Is Your Water? How Its Hue Could Indicate A Problem

Have you ever turned on your tap, only to notice the water looks a little (or a lot) different than usual? If the colour of your water has changed, this may be indicative of a problem with your supply.
Causes of discolouration in water supplies could be a result of natural substances, an issue with the mains deposits, corrosion inside your pipes or internal plumbing problems.
Most discoloured water isn’t harmful. However, we agree that it’s not too pleasant to drink or bathe in. However, it’s important to get to the source of the problem just to be on the safe side.
Read on to learn more about what the colour of your water could mean – as well as how to fix it!

Brown, Yellow or Orange
Brown, yellow or orange water can be caused by multiple situations.
These include burst mains or pumps, opening or closing of valves, adjusted settings to the mains, cleaning of drains, third party supply usage (eg. fire brigade), poor condition plumbing or service pipes or the event of works maintenance.
Sometimes, it’s even as simple as dissolved chemicals, contaminants or suspended materials – which could be effectively removed with a water filter.

White, or ‘Milky’
If your water is milky or hazy, the cause could likely just be air in the supply! You can test this yourself by filling a glass with the affected water and leaving it to stand. If the water begins to clear in the lower half of the glass and eventually clears its way up, the cause is simply dissolved air that’s been released from your supply.
In other cases, white residue in your water is caused by high chemical content – especially if you are noticing particles floating in your supply. In this case, a water filter could help to remove those harmful elements and ensure your water stays clear.

Blue tones drinking water is usually a result of corrosion in copper plumbing. The blue colour indicates high copper levels and will usually fade if a tap is left to run.
If it continues, call your water company or a plumbing professional to take a closer look at the cause and offer their advice.
While copper is not harmful in itself, too much of it may cause copper poisoning. You’ll also likely find that the water itself does not taste good, so avoiding it is advisable until the issue is fixed.

Green, Pink, or ‘Other’
It is very rare that you’d find these, or any other colours, to be coming from your supply. However, there have been instances of these being reported with very mixed outcomes.
If your water has turned a colour that can’t seem to be explained, do not drink it or use it in cooking. Call your water company as soon as possible to seek help and advice.

If you want to make sure you have the cleanest, safest and best tasting water supply possible, a water filter is your best bet. A good filter will remove chemicals and toxins from your water supply, keeping it balanced and safe – and of course the correct colour.

At EWT, we offer a variety of filters at a great range of prices, so go ahead and take a look at some of our models and let us know when you’re ready to place an order. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you pick out your perfect filter.


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