Water Softener Support

The 7 Efficiency Checks

If you find that your softener is not working, then please watch the following video. By doing so, you can solve 90% of all issues in just a couple of minutes. The video goes through the 7 issues that may occur with your softener and how to fix them with just a few simple steps.

For more information please look at the frequently asked questions and solutions below.

  • I have completed the checks/tests that have been asked of me and the problem still persists

  • Once I book my callout I am aware that I will receive my appointment time and data by SMS – If I fail to attend this appointment I will lose my deposit

  • A deposit is fully refundable in the event that the issue is a fault of EWTs product and you are under warranty

  • A deposit will not be refundable if the callout is for a non EWT Fault


This is very common.It may be something as simple as salt bridging.
To resolve this, we recommend giving the salt a good bashing to help break it down.
Also filling the unit up with water until you see the water level will also help as the weight of the water will bring the salt down on the next regeneration cycle. (Customer Care Video details this)

If there is limescale in the kettle make sure you are using the correct tap. In many homes the filter tap is set to be hard.
You can check if your water softener is hard or soft by looking at the sticker left near the softener or drinking filter.
Always make sure the main tap is being used. (Customer Care Video details this)

If your softener is ticking the motor may be gone. If you are covered under labour and callout warranty we can replace this for you.
This is not considered an emergency but we will always try to give the next available date. (Callout required)

If your softener is regenerating during the day then this means the time is wrong. We can fix this over the phone for you.
If you are not at home we can also send out the customer care video which will show you step by step how to reset the time. (Customer Care Video)

When the unit is constantly going to waste it may be that the main piston has come loose or that a bit of dirt has gotten caught.
In this case we would recommend turning the main dial on the head of the softener back to service 3-4 times sometimes this will stop the water.
If it doesn’t we will organize a callout for the next available date. (Over the phone/engineer callout)

Hair turning green is not very common. However, if this does happen it means that the softener has done its job removing the limescale from all of the copper piping in the home. The reason it has turned the hair green is because Chlorine in the water has reacted to the copper piping within the home. To resolve this, we will send out an engineer to put a minuscule amount of hardness back into the water to build a small layer of limescale back onto the piping to prevent this reaction in the future. (Engineer callout)

If your softener is leaking we must quickly establish where the leak on the softener is coming from. It may be coming from the head of the softener or the bottom of the tank. This information will be very beneficial to the engineer
• On the metered softener there will be 2 red bypass valves at the back that we can turn 90 degress. This will stop water from entering or leaving the water softener.
• Leaks are considered a priority and we must to do our best to get someone out as soon as possible. (Engineer Callout)

When someone calls in to say that the pressure has deteriorated in the home it may be resin has escaped from the resin tank into the household plumbing. This would be much more common for softeners that have been installed for 5 or more years.

• A good way to test this is to try and bypass the softener as you would as if there was a leak. If the pressure returns immediately then we know it is definitely a fault of EWT and we arrange a callout. (Engineer Callout)
• If the softener can be bypassed and the pressure is still low it is unlikely that it is a fault of EWT. If this is so and we send out an engineer there will be a €50.00 callout Charge