How removing 100% of limescale from their home SAVED this Galway Family 600Euro per year – NO SCRUBBING

“You could especially see the limescale build up in the bottom of our kettle, the element was corroded with a grey limescale scum. Then it would just stop working, you couldn’t even boil the water for a cup of tea. The showerhead and door was a nightmare, I constantly had to clean it due to limescale build up. Even the washing machine and dishwasher weren’t cleaning the clothes and delph properly. Another problem in our home was water pressure” says Albert.

“The water pressure was very low from limescale building up in the pipes over the years so you could be waiting for ages for a bath to fill up” In 10 years we replaced our kettle, iron and even the shower unit and washing machine on numerous occasions. Limescale build up was costing us a small fortune every year. Albert decided that enough was enough and decided to call a guaranteed Irish company, EW Technologies.

I did contact a number of water companies about getting a water softener installed and 100% Irish owned AWARD WINNING company was definitely the best option. A good few of my neighbours already had the EWT system installed and were very happy with the high efficiency of their system and the after sales backup they received.

The engineer only took 2 hours to install the system. Once the unit was set up the only thing I had to do was keep it topped up with salt once a month. It came with a 20 year guarantee and a FREE drinking water filter. The water is just so soft and better all round. I have noticed a major difference in the appliances, there is no build up what so ever. The water softener has even cleared the old limescale build up in the showerhead and kettle so the hot water tank and washing machine will also benefit. There’s no problem cleaning the shower unit anymore, its much easier.

We’re using 50% less detergent in washes because the water lathers quickly now and the clothes are much cleaner. We estimated that between not having to replace appliances and because we’re using less cleaning products and energy that we are saving approximately E600 per year by having the EWT water softener installed. One of the biggest benefits for the family is that the water is so much softer and easier on our skin now as opposed to before. "

Money back guarantee If, like the Duane family, you live in a hard water area (if your shower head gets clogged or your kettle has scale in it you live in a hard water area!) and would like to save money and time cleaning then you should definitely contact EW Technologies voted “Business of the Year 2011”. You’ll be glad you made that call. Not only do EW Technologies guarantee 100% to remove limescale in just 2 weeks but they’re so confident customers will be happy that they even offer a 90 day no quibble money back guarantee.

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